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The FC Bologna had to insert a sensitive 2: 4-bankruptcy on Sunday at Underdog Empoli. After the final whistle, Bologna coach Sinisa Mihajlovic was mad at his team.

Empoli went to lead after a minute. Musa Barrow had a little later the compensation. After 20 minutes Marko Arnautovic could have taken his team in the lead, failed with his penalty but on the latte.

As a result, Empoli became stronger and laid by Andrea Pinamonti and Nedim Bajrami to 3: 1. Although Arnautovic succeeded the third goal of the season 2: 3, Samuele Ricci fixed with the 4: 2 but the Empoli victory.

Mihaylovic: I m really angry

We have really played badly. I can accept mistakes, but I can not accept the wrong attitudes. If we continue so, we will lose many games, said coach Sinisa Mihajlovic at DAZN . The spoke elf of the Austrian was not blamed for Mihaylovic: Just as we played, we would not have won so.

Empoli vs. Bologna: Extended Highlights | Serie A | CBS Sports Golazo

Mihaylovic continues: I m really angry! Such an idea is not to justify. I m sorry – for the fans and the president. I m disappointed.

In the table Bologna is now on the tenth table spot. Expectant is meanwhile higher in the northern Italian region Emilia-Romagna. Apart from the stadium expansion, we also want to continue in the table. The whole team has a top spirit – from coach Mihajlovic to the Stadiumwart Maurizio, we all have the goal of proving this season a lot, said Arnautovic last in the Krone .

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