Moon Young (Korean: 문영; RR: Munyeong) is a 2017 South Oriental drama movie composed and guided by Kim So-yeon and starring Kim Tae-ri.

[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo Lee] Iron Source announced that the Global Mobile Advertising Platform Success and the Iron Source X-Tousing Mobile Game Success A to Z Webinar event was terminated on the 30 days.

This Welfan shared a core know-how for app business, including securing mobile games and creating mobile games that accumulates mobile games that accumulate and accumulate the global market,

On the 29th, Welfan, which started at 3:00 pm, has begun with a sense of monetization of the Korea Business Development Manager Successful Apps of the Korean Business Development Manager. This manager announced the introduction of the Iron Source, and the advertising monetization solution and in-app bid industry trends, and the success of the global leading game.

Ham Young-ho, the top of the Korean business development, Market, players to game design: Market Insights for securing apps and successful users sessions, Mobile Puzzle Game Insight: Mobile Puzzle Game Insight: I had it.

Last Welfan Tonger Wavan Luna Battere Korean Strategy Partnership Manager lifted the casual game core arrangement, the standard of game advertising, and the implementation of the casual game is presented prior to the launch of casual games.

Iron sauce and teens Iron sauce and tees to take various collaborations for game developers, such as Webinar, he said.