[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo] Neoweds Holdings (Representative Os Seung Heon) announced on the 5th that the Neo Fly (Representative Os Seung Heon) has completed the report of the Virtual Assets operator.

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The Neopli earned a certificate of information protection management system (ISMS) from Korea Internet Promotion Agency (KISA) on September 1. This is a company-side explanation that it is for compliance with the legal (금 () compliance with the use of certain financial transaction information, and the like (Financial Act) ,

Neoplay said, We have established business reliability, as well as the enhanced functionality, such as prevention of funding (AML) and Customer Confirmation (KYC), We have established a reliable investment environment.

Meanwhile, Neo Fly is participating as a node operator of various chains such as Ios, Tren, Terra, Ultra and Clayton, along with the discovery and development of the block chain since 2017. Encryption wallet and staking services are provided through Enblocks .