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I reviewed and previewed a lot of Metroidvania lately, and I can say that nothing has attracted my attention because not seeing a. Directed by Studio Pixel Punk, a small team independent of only two people, this title is an amazing realization in the game design. It checks not only all that makes MetroidVanias good, but also performs these points in a masterly manner with their own unique flays. Good fight? To verify. Great movement and platform? To verify. Iterative puzzle conceptions? To verify. A really rewarding exploration? To verify. Various powers and weapons? To verify.

It even has an interesting story that will ask the player to make difficult choices with great consequences for the characters involved, which means that each of your parts can be completely different. To add more replayability, there is a rogue-lite mode generated in a procedural way and a Boss Rush. As if it were not enough, you can even bring a friend with you for a happy cooperation!

In the futuristic world of not seeing, humans have been mostly replaced by sensitive androids after their attempts to try to eliminate them against them. Unfortunately, unable to find peace, androids have now started to lose your head, turning into wild kill machines for no reason. You play Alma, an amnesic android wakes up in a lab filled with hostile robots.

I would say that the game is a post-post-apocalypse of science fiction. You can find ruins of human civilization and attempted reconstruction of androids that also collapse. It s interesting, but it was familiar, the framework of the game really reminded me something else. Can you guess what it would be? Focus on the android female protagonist who fights with swords could sound a bell …

If you thought you deny: PLCs, we are on the same page! By the time I realized that it was not seeing private inspiration from, so many things clicked. The upgrade system, for example, uses the denying chip system. It s about having limited space where you can install your upgrades while allowing you to change the layout of your chip to any safe point. This means frequently changing build based on your style of play and circumstances, with the additional complexity of limiting management.

While the Androids losing the head were also part of denying, in not seeing, it s not just an element of history, it s a major feature of the gameplay. Each character goes crazy, including you. By consuming something called Meteor Dust, you can lengthen the mental health of any character a little longer. You will eventually need to decide who is worth keeping up, perhaps for their usefulness or for your relationship with them. It is really depressing to see friendly faces turn one by one in monsters while the world is empty of safe places. Time press and every second counts, encouraging you to control the movement. In addition, your death has the effect of moving time forward, which offers big issues at each battle.

The awesome part of this mechanism is that you can also use meteor dust as currency. No, nothing insignificant like transforming it into money or something ignoring. This is the only way to get more loads from your healing syringe. You can try to ignore it and use all your meteor dust disinterestedly by giving people, but the fight is extremely punitive. Finally, the awareness is that the time lost by your deaths due to charitable actions can have led to more avoidable losses. But should we spend everything for oneself? How much is it too much? I am honest saying that I have not seen a resource management system as powerful and interesting for a long time, maybe never.

non seeing it good to control. Alma moves very quickly and accurately, with many mobility options that you can master. The dodging / jump button nailed This perfect place to feel just while not being a spam button without skill to get out of trouble. Falling into the void brings you back to your last safe place rather than killing you, allowing you to take risks with their difficult platform designs.

Exploration is the best I saw all year round. As it is led by the players and very little control, the developers seem very confident to give the players the power over the course of the game. With creativity and skills, you can be in many places earlier without the powers Prerequisites and the bosses you were supposed to avoid. The exploration is really rewarding and can even provide you with new tools that offer you new powerful solutions to bosses and puzzles. It made me so happy because personally, I hate when the games put on your way obstacles that can not be defeated unless you do exactly what developers have expected you to do. Oh, you do not have this power? Sorry, this boss can not be damaged, or this door will not open. It screams with insecurity. non seeing you leave freely in the world and tells you that if you are good enough, you can do everything.

With regard to weapons, they can be widely classified in melee and distance. You can mix and match yourself at your leisure, double distance or dual mixture poses no problem, with many combinations offering unique interactions with which to play. There is no specific style that the game seems to prefer, and you can easily play all the game with just remote or melee, although the use of a bit of the two makes life easier.

Balancing is bright enough. Many games seem to have trouble with this, usually leaning heavily on one side. Remote is of course safer, with active reload (ALA warships) make an appearance to reward a good timing. To emphasize this mechanism, you are also considerably slowed down and vulnerable when reloading. For the melee, to compensate that this is more risky, your blows have more impact and slowly fill your empty healing syringes.

The choice of weapons within each class also manages to be quite interesting and radically different. For example, many other games would have taken the axes and swords of this game and would have done the boring thing to simply make it slow and powerful while the other was opposed. In not seeing, creating a ridiculous endurance cost to rotate the ax, you have to make sure that every move counts, and the fact that the parade of enemy attacks allows you to get a single critical blow, you get from Returns much higher on the parades with an ax. This means that the ax turns around a slow defensive game, while the sword allows you to be much more aggressive and dictate the rhythm of the fight rather than having to wait for your opponent.

Dude, Oh, Dude, I would have liked that writing is better. Do not get me wrong, said the story of is not terrible at all, and I tend to be on the hardest side by judging the stories. It s just that what we have here is so generic that it drops the outstanding ludonarrative configuration of Meteor Dust mechanics.

I think the problem lies in the protagonist, Alma. I do not only judge clich├ęs, but an amnesic protagonist has certainly raised red flags from the start. It is a lazy technique that plunges us into action and allows us to experiment / learn things for the first time with the protagonist. The problem occurs when the game finally tries to make us worry about something we have no connection. Here, Alma receives flashbacks from her lover and her friends, and she is determined to find them. Of course, the short kinematic are cute, but it takes me more to fall in love because I m sure it took more so that Alma falls in the first place. Then, as the amnesic games usually do, the whole story revolves around the reconstitution of the past, and the entire personality of Alma becomes the hard-cook type I have to find it .

Secondary characters, as much emphasis that there are with them, are generally one-dimensional and tropical too. Which, I suppose, is to be expected in a game that is not really a question of dialogue.

But this is the thing, if all the games were judged on their history, many masterpieces would not be very good, especially in the Metroidvania genre. A good story is a bonus, and not seeing the gameplay is basically almost perfect. But I can not help but be disappointed with what it could have been with good writing. If I could really fall in love with the characters, it would have been so moving when they became crazy, or if I had been forced to choose between them and someone else, I might need to beat the game.

But that does not discourage you from getting the game. With the cooperation on sofa and the addition of Steam s Remote Play Together, you can play with another person with only one copy, provided you have a solid Internet connection. Not seeing is a totally incredible title for a beginner independent team that is worth your money and your attention.