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After a very good wait time, Metroid Dread finally came to Nintendo Switch today. The new proposal of Nintendo and Mercurysteam has been classified not only as one of the improvements of the franchise, but as one of the best titles that you can currently enjoy in the hybrid console.

As with each important launch, Digital Foundry already prepared a video analysis of Metroid Dread, in which they speak in detail about the technical section, as is the resolution and the rate of pictures by second. Here you can take a look, although once again, Dread is practically impeccable in this section.

As you could see, Dread run without any problem in the switch so that part you do not have to worry about. If you want to know exactly how much game time it will take you to finish it, we recommend you visit the following link.

Remember that here at wait time, all our coverage of this game is now available, and here you can take a look at our written review, video chestnut and Gameplay.

Editor s note: Well, it was to be expected that Metroid Dread were to have a really good performance at switch . As always, the games first-party Nintendo hardly have some kind of technical anger and this new proposal is no exception. Did you already have the opportunity to play it? Tell me in the comments.

Source: Digital Foundry