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The story has been repeated for nearly a year and a half: new graphics card references are announced on the market, with enticing performance and pricing that suggests a crisis exit … and the day J, that of the launch Concrete, it is the cold shower: the availability is highly volatile and the prices fly away. A situation that will not escape this Radeon RX 6600, intended to compete with the RTX 3060.

Caramba! Still missed! The optimistic impetus shared by Lisa Sa on a fortnight of days will have nothing changed to the case: the graphics card market remains for both component supply problems and a strong demand, A situation that the new RX 6600 is full of whip, like all the cards outflows before it for a year and a half. Announced at 339 € on the French market, the RX 6600 sails rather between 539 and 649 € on the signs we consulted there is little. And it s a shame, because on the paper, the new coming had some arguments to argue.

In the mind, it intended indeed the same niche of performance as the RTX 3060, a comfortable experience in 1440p, and first order in 1080p. In fact and as often, AMD s vision is a little too optimistic: according to the consensus that we were able to extract tests from our colleagues, the RX 6600 would abandon an average of 10% of performance at the RTX 3060 in 1080p, a figure that would amount to 15% on average on the top definition (1440p). As for the ray tracing support, it remains similar to what was already known: much less good than the NVIDIA solution.

However, to rebound on the arguments to be argued, the RX 6600 was not lost for all as Nvidia has not yet declined cards amp below the 3060. Therefore, carried by an aggressive tariff and a FSR support. (FidelityFX Super Resolution) in full expansion, the RX 6600 could have found its audience, and occupy the most accessible new generation card space. Only here: you understood it by browsing our first paragraph, the commercial context makes this strategy obsolete. The current average price of the RTX 3060 revolves around 620 € (survey this morning), and clearly (if we put aside the outrage of the number), the gap is not large enough with the RX 6600 so that it is really interesting. Note still that the AMD card seems to enjoy suitable availability, since Asus, MSI or PowerColor models are still in stock currently. Opposite, the rates we mention remain purely virtual, since the RTX 3060 points to the absent subscribers in the shelves.

Our advice? If you are considering replacing your graphics card with a mid-range model, but you can wait, do it! We never know, the next few months may be the beginning of a price drop. If your need for change can not wait, keep in mind that the most judicious technical choice remains the RTX 3060, the RX 6600 constituting only a secondary alternative.

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