On Monday evening, technical fans were looking forward to Apple s online event, only one evening later at the same time Google presented his new products \ – also with an online event. While Apple besides Apple Music and Colorful Home Pods, the new chips M1 PRO and M1 MAX as well as the new MacBook Pro were in focus – which in the best possible equipment coincides almost 7,000 \ – Google concentrated on Tuesday evening on the new pixel smartphones in The meanwhile sixth generation since the name-rebranding. For the formerly, Google published its own equipment for years under the name Nexus.

A 25 euro expensive polishing cloth with exclusive compatibility with manufacturer s own devices, Google remained guilty, but the search engine Gigant now also relies on a specially developed and produced chip, more precisely a SOC (system on a chip), the processor, Graphic unit, memory and other components combines – just like just Apple. This means that the new pixel 6 or pixels 6 per project should put everything previously existed in the shadows. At least in the Android cosmos.

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pixel 6 (pro): big and bigger

The pixel 6 appears as previously known in two variants, in addition to the normal version with 6.4 inch display also in the pro variant with more power and a large 6.7-duty screen. Let s go for the normal 6s with 649 Euro (at 128 GB of storage space), which is 6 Pro for 899 or 999 euros with 128 or 256 GB Rome. Pre-orders are possible, for example, directly in the Google Store, for pre-orderers, there are currently even the high-priced headphones Bose 700. Both devices have the new WiFi 6 standard (also known as WLAN AX) and of course 5G, the pixel 6 has 8 GB of RAM, the pixel 6 Pro can even rely on a 12 GB RAM.

First own chip from Google

The displays differ not only in size, but also in the refresh rate: While the pixel 6 packs a maximum of 90 Hz, the pixel 6 per even 120 Hz creates 120 Hz. The most recent and Google words come to the most resistant display glass on the market for both devices Use, namely Corning Gorilla Glass Victus. The battery capacity amounts to around 4,600 and about 5,000 mAh, so that both devices are likely to be quite persevering and even with intensive use loose over a day. The heart of the new pixel phones is the new system on a chip called by Google itself, the processor, GPU, memory and other components combined, just like Apple at the M1 or the new M1 PRO and M1 Max. Support Get Tensor from the new Titan-M2 safety headrocessor.

New cameras – with 50 MP

Both smartphones feature new major cameras with 50 megapixels maximum resolution as well as other specialized lenses and front cameras with 8 MP for high-quality selfies and video calls in good quality. Both pixels 6 and pixels 6 Pro offer sound via stereo speakers as well as USB-C ports, but no 3.5mm jack connections for headphones. In contrast to earlier pixel devices, the fingerprint sensor is migrated to the front of the display glass and is thus no longer on the back.

New smartphones, new Android version

The pixel 6 sells Google in the colors black, green and coral, the pixel 6 Pro is in black, white and yellow. At the same time as the event on Tuesday evening, the US company also publish the new Android version 12 in the final variant, which is available for the 2020 Google devices pixels 5 and pixel 4a already available for download. With the new Android version, especially visually strong innovations take place in the operating system, and users can now adapt the OS design much more to personal taste. Google: Pixel 6 (Pro) introduced – with own tensor chip against Apple? (2) Source: Google

Android updates for three years

Pixels 6 and pixels 6 Pro are already delivered with the new Android 12 preinstalled and receive updates from Google for five years. Google Store, the company has in the small print but points out that it not only comes to updates for the entire operating system, but also in general to new pixel features. With actual OS updates so there is still only three years long expected – and still significantly shorter than at Apple.

Sources: Google Store / pixel case Launch

John Gehrling
10/20/2021 at 11:52 PM