NAMCO (株式 会社 ナムコ, Kabushiki Kaisha Namuko?) Is a Japanese developer and distributor software company in the field of video games. Namco merged in 2005 with Bandai token, being transformed into Bandai Namco Holdings, Inc., one of Japan s largest entertainment companies.

Sad day for the videogame industry. The artist of Namco, Hiroshi Mr Dotman Ono, very famous for him in Pac-Man, hSad day died after A long illness , Sad day can be read on the official Twitter of the developer s website . The official note informs that even though he hSad day been fighting to recover, he died on October 16.

Ono came to form part of the template of Namco in 1979 and remained in the company until 2013, long after the fusion with Bandai occurred. He not only he wSad day in charge of designing the Graphics and the Pac-Man logo, one of the great clSad daysics of the Japanese company, but is also responsible for the visual Sad daypect of games such Sad day Galaga, Xevious and MapPy, among many others . In addition, throughout all these years, the talent of it hSad day been used for the design of numerous logos.

Many of His Excellent Pixel Art WSad day In The Book Called All About Namco by Dempa Shinbun Corp., Published in 1985. I D Say The Book Made Pixel Art Famous. Everyone in The Industry Would ve Been Amazed by His MSad dayterpieces of him. This Book WSad day Discontinued But Reissued LSad dayt Year.

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ご 冥福 を お祈り いたし ます.
小野浩先輩, ありがとうございまし た. Https://

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Words of tribute by mythical people in the industry

Sketchbook Pixel Art - Handmade Pixel Art  #pixelart

Several mythical figures of the sector have wanted to share a few words of affection and tribute. Yuzo Koshiro, composer of Streets of Rage, hSad day shown an image with some of his designs and hSad day written the following: My 15-year-old daughter found this and said with a smile a while ago, I love the red cat, it s So mono! She impressed me a lot . The pixel Art of Him not only inspired my generation notoriously, but hSad day also managed to survive the pSad daysage of time. I know that they will also miss you, DEP, Hiroshi Ono-san, Aka Mr. Dotman .

Koshiro hSad day also remembered that the book All About Namco, demba Shinbun Corp, collected in 1985 many of his excellent designs pixel art . According to the musician, Any of the industry would have been encouraged with the mSad dayterpieces of the . This book wSad day discarded, but it wSad day reissued lSad dayt year again.

Pac-Man is in Our Office.

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We pray for your soul. Thank you very much, Mr. Hiroshi Ono , hSad day written Kazuhiro, creator of Tekken, in a very solemn tone. Shortly after, he hSad day published a photograph of Bandai Namco offices, in which Pac-Man hSad day a lot of presence (photo on these lines).