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GeForce Now, the Game Service in the Nvidia Cloud, goes up today by announcing new options and subscriptions, as well as a new technology that ensures items to the highest rate of frames , more stable and with better image quality .

This milestone will be possible thanks to the so-called GeForce Now Superpod, the most powerful gaming supercomputer ever created, with a CPU of 8,960 cores, 11,477,760 CUDA nuclei and a process capacity of 39,200 tflops.

This new remote server will offer the call GeForce Now RTX 3080 Experience, which will allow to play 1440p and 120 fps with low latency and remotely as if we had a pc cucumber on our desk.

With PC cucumber we refer to a team with an RTX 3080 (a GPU with three times the process capacity of Xbox Series X), 28 GB of RAM DDR4, Disk SSD Gen 4 and an 8-core CPU on our desktop. .. only that it will operate remotely so that let s play in the cloud.

As NVIDIA itself defines it, it is the new generation game on any platform , either computers with modest graphics, such as the average laptop used in Steam (with an Intel UHD 620), offering A performance 70 times higher than that it can reach (and 13 times higher if we compare it with the latest MacBook AIR with chip M1).

Playing with GeForce Now RTX 3080 Experience latency will be 56 ms, less than 86ms that GF Now reaches with equipment that rides 2080 to 60 FPS , 93 ms Xbox Series X to 60 FPS or 175MS of Xcloud, according to the measurements facilitated by NVIDIA.

This low latency has been reached thanks to a new technology developed by NVIDIA, and has received the name Adaptive Sync Technology (or adaptive synchronization), which creates and synchronizes a feedback loop between the server and the client And communicating directly with the screen and eliminating duplicate or discarded frames.

It is an improvement that can be applied to all devices, including mobile phones or screen equipment that supports the refresh rate of 120 fps, whether through dedicated applications or web browsers (Chrome, Safari …). In addition, This low latency technology will be in all types of subscription .

And if you have a NVIDIA Shield TV, you can enjoy this new game mode in the cloud to 4K and 60 fps, with sound 7.1 included, something similar to what Stadia did with the first Chromecast 4K.

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Thus, with the arrival of this new game mode, GeForce Now happens to offer a total of 3 types of subscription . The basic is still the free, with access to a basic team and with standard access (with waiting queues if there is massification) and game sessions up to an hour.

It is not worth remembering that currently, GeForce Now includes support for more than 90 F2P games (Fortnite, Destiny 2, Apex …), more than 30 of those who have given Epic Games Store or have added some of the last Releases, such as Far Cry 6 or Marvel s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Those who have the status of founders or priorities will be able to pre-comprise the other two modalities of GeForce NOW as of October 21, that will be available for Europe in December.

We are talking about the priority and RTX 3080 subscriptions of GeForce Now . The first gives access to a Premium team, with RTX graphics, graphics up to 1080p and 60 FPS, priority access to servers and sessions of 6 hours of play for six months for 49.99 euros.

The new GeForce NOW, RTX 3080 mode, gives access to a Premium computer with an RTX 3080, graphics up to 1440p and 120 FPS (4K HDR 60FPS in Shield TV) , priority access to RTX 3080 servers and Sessions up to 8 hours of play for six months for 99.99 euros.

According to us, in the future, there will be more platforms that allow the game in 4K, but launching will be only Shield TV (native 4k, for more signs). In the same way, to play at 1440p @ 120 fps, only a broadband connection of 30 Mbps is necessary.

They were also asked about the hypothetical arrival of the service to Nintendo Switch, and configured that they have nothing to announce at this time … but given that the Nintendo Switch SOC is NVIDIA, maybe it is not something crazy and we have not seen in the future.