[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo] Neptune was disclosed 13 days to secure 44% stake in Mobile Metabus Development Agency (representative use) through stake investment.

Perfhed has been established in 2003, a 3D social services that are served from 2003 to 2016, the Developer Tridy Communications, which is the development of Tridy Communications.

Perfp Pready is developing a mobile metaverse-type social game, a mobile metabus-type social game aimed at the Test (CBT). Perfp Phrad M has applied designs and social elements that reflect the recent trends based on experience and know-how that have been served as 3D community SNG by 2016.

Based on mobile devices, it is developing various activities in virtual spaces to be more naturally connected to real world. Avatar customizing and space decorating, and brand marketing are also available for metaverse type services such as various theme spaces that are possible.

Especially, all the functions in the metaverse are developed in the form of Open Application Program Interface (API) to enhance service scalability. We also have a number of technical patents related to 3D related technical patents, such as terrain, buildings, and cigars that can be represented by detailed character customization and high cars, but also available as individual areas that can be placed in various spaces, including, It is a company side description that is easy to construct common space.

Perfp Phirid has a foundation that can lead to the production and operation know-how and trends, said Fflead, said Fflid, he said, I will do our best to make a leading global metabus platform with Neptune.

Neptune, JY Tae-in Neptune, said, As a result of Nonora 19, the Metropolitan Following Message Market is promoting, said Metropolitan Trend, said Metropolitan Following, I will try to have various attempts to expand to the steps to create economic and cultural values.