It is day 2 of the great event, press 2021 from Hasbro, and there are many new collectibles to snatch, including these additions to your Fortnite Victory Royale series. Five new figures are being launched in the wave, but the head of poster is definitely The Seven Collection: The Scientist, which is the first electronic figure of Hasbro on its fortnite line.

The figure of the 6-inch scientist (in the photo above) has 6 activated LED front plates with illuminated buttons, along with Star Surge Back Bling and Accessories for Weapons. It also includes more than 20 articulation points and many details. Anticipated orders for Figure Fortnite from The Scientist Victory Royale will be available here at Entertainment Earth for $ 44.99 from 2 p.m. PT / 5 p.m. Et today, October 23 with free shipping for all US customers UU . Within that link you will also find additional releases of press with, all with free shipping.

The remaining figures in the 6-inch Hasbro Fortnite Victory Royale include Ragsy, Funk PAHO, Metal Mouth and Bushranger. The anticipated orders of these figures will not be launched as part of PULSECON 2021, so remain attentive to the details about these anticipated orders in the near future. Next, a breakdown of the accessories included with each figure is shown.

Figure Ragsy from the Fortnite Victory Royale Series ($ 22.99): It comes with 2 Snack Attackes, Heartless Bling Collection Tools and Accessories for Weapons.
Figure fortnite Victory Royale Series Funk PAHO ($ 22.99): It comes with the Brawl Harvesting Tool Disc tool, Boombox Back Bling and Boogie Bomb Accessories.
Metal Mouth Figure of the Fortnite Victory Royale Series ($ 22.99): It comes with 2 crowded tank collection tools, Catalyst Back and Accessories for weapons.
Figure fortnite Victory Royale Series Bushranger ($ 22.99): comes with 2 Honey Hitters collection tools, Buzzy Bag Back and Accessories for Weapons.

As noted today, it is the second and last day of the event pulsecon 2021 of Hasbro. You can control all the new releases here through our master list Pulsecon.

Fortnite Victory Royale The Seven Collection Packaging of the scientist figure

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Fortnite Victory Royale The Seven Collection The figure of the scientist packaged n. ° 2.

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Figure fortnite Victory Royale Series Funk Ops

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Metal Figure Fortnite Victory Royale Series

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Figure Ragsy from the Victory Royale series of Fortnite