Hitman 3 It has been a capital surprise. Not so much for the quality of the game itself, it has left us a solid and fun proposal, but because it has also catapulted interactive to have the best year of its history at the benefits level. The title continues to receive content, and this week has been detailed what remains to come.

Through a new five-minute video, from the study we present the details of the season of anger, which has started this October 26. With it, the last act that closes the collection of the seven capital sins, but also incorporates many more things, as a special event and new content, both cosmetic and at a playable level.

HITMAN 3 - Halloween Event - The Mills Reverie

The event has to do with the Halloween celebration, and its access is completely free. Under the name Orson s nightmare, we can infiltrate your dreams through three stages that promise to challenge our expectations, along with a new suit and a shuriken. It is available on the Starter Pack of 26 to 29, and permanently for the holders of a copy of the game.

We can also tested with a new game mode that will take us to face surge of enemies. We will have to build up and prepare our strategy to try to survive upon arrival, a much more action-oriented proposal, taking off from the most classic profile of the saga.

Return of maps and difficult objectives

We can review the map of Hokkaido from November 4 to 14 Locations will not be missing, being able to visit The Hokkaido map from November 4 to 14. It is a free level that we will review, since it is one of the favorites of the first game. In it, we are invited to overcome our scores by fulfilling a series of determined tasks.

Similarly, we are presented to us a series of objectives that will leave us without minimapa, instinct or second opportunities. Things will be complicated because of a facial surgery of our enemy, so we will have to be more accurate than ever in our search of clues.

Finally, there are enough more things in this season of anger. Maybe they are not as striking as what is mentioned so far but, for example, a new challenge in Chongqing will be available from day 29. There we must occupy the Rage, a half-weight junction that is fleeing for having gone from hands a fight. We will also be given access to numerous costumes and cosmetic elements.

This third numbered delivery of the saga seems to be the last one in a while, since from IO Interactive they believe that it needs a break. The study is working on the so-called Project 007, a James Bond title, but they have a new video game that we still do not know much details.