Sony has issued a report in which updates the PS5 sales data, which is sweeping around the world despite the stock problems that there are. It is almost impossible to buy one, but if we stick to the figures, it is selling at a brutal rhythm, well above that the PS4 had in its day.

So, the report issued by the Japanese firm indicates that, in the first quarter of the second half of 2021 – the period between July and September – 3.3 million ps5 worldwide have been sold worldwide. This makes a total of 13.4 million consoles sold since its launch, which has not yet been a year.

This reaffirms that it is still the PlayStation console that sells the fastest sells throughout history. Of course, we will stay with the unknown of knowing how the figures would be if the production of consoles would be normal in case there is no problems that are present in society; Or if these sales are due to the highest demand and the restlessness that it generates that there is not just stock and everyone already wants it.

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In any case, they are absolutely bestal figures, with which Sony is on track to convert to PS5 into its best-selling console, to continue with this rhythm. If the situation is regulated and games AAA as God of War Ragnarok or Horizon Forbidden West come out well, the figures can become incredible.