At the end of the month of August, Aliens Fireteam Elite was launched, a cooperative shooter in third person set in the universe created by Ridley Scott. And we already know many novelties for the game.

It is true that the popularity of the title has dropped in recent weeks, Claudicano before Back 4 Blood and accumulating only 1000 daily players in Steam. However, that could change very soon.

Currently, Aliens Fireteam Elite is experiencing its first content season in PlayStation, Xbox and PC. Its creators, Cold Iron Studios, have announced a detailed roadmap for the coming months.

Those who complain about the lack of content in Fireteam Elite will have to stop doing so, because the cooperative shooter will receive new weapons, cosmetics, challenges and game modes in the next year.

In addition to the current first season, Cold Iron has announced that will reach up to three seasons plus (at the moment) for Aliens Fireteam Elite. And the nearest will come to final of this 2021.

New Game Modes, Features and Classes - Future Content Roadmap | Aliens: Fireteam Elite

To begin with, the Shooter will welcome the second season in the coming weeks. The main novelties will be a new Horde mode, 4 new weapons, five challenges, 10 new accessories and a new playable mechanics.

For the imminent 2022, Aliens Fireteam will receive the third season in the second quarter of the year (April to June), with a new mechanics, a new cosmetic kit, 4 new weapons, and more than Ten challenge challenges, accessories and outfits.

Finally, the fourth season of Aliens Fireteam Elite (which may not be the last) will add a new game mode, cosmetics, challenges, weapons and much more. You will arrive at third quarter of 2022 (July to September).

Of course, Cold Iron Studios ensures that all these seasons will be free, and will arrive in the form of updates for Aliens Fireteam Elite. The bug hunt will continue in 2022.

If you are thinking if you buy or not the game, here you have our full analysis. Judging by everything that is yet to come, Aliens Fireteam Elite is a highly recommended option for the coming months.