On one of the season cooling on Wednesday evening, 1,060 spectators came to the Rielasinger Talwiese, many of them from the state capital. After closing track, the Stuttgart Rielasinger Talwieses celebrated with their fans enthusiastically 2: 1 away success in the pursuer 1. FC Rielasingen-Arlen, who had no longer lost league play since 17 November 2019.

Apparently, the recent defeat against Bietigheim-Bissingen, the Rielasinger Talwieses went early on it, forced the FCRA to errors and developed such a few chances. In the 8th minute, this approach included the first time countable: A chamber builders flank gained blank with a flying head ball in the net. Rielasingen-Arlen developed danger, especially due to standard situations, then the 1: 1 in minute 37: Rasmus fell after a corner ball a head ball extension in front of the feet, and he brought the ball responsive across the line. In the 53rd minute, blank moved again: a shot of Baroudi bounced homekeeper Klose forward, thus laced after the dug. After that, the Rielasinger Talwieses left for a long time, marriage with yellow-red for Campagna because of time games (88.) at once again hustle and bustle at the decimated guests, in the detention time shot Compagnucci Almeida to the Stuttgart Lattenkreuz, the rebound, Tomizawa slowly passed over. Then it was over and the Rielasinger Talwieses were allowed to celebrate from the caterpicuous attachment, but even because place two is only one point away.

With the SSV Reutlingen also went on Wednesday another well-known club with a good feeling at night. After last three wins in a row and a draw before that, it was not enough for the FC 08 Villingen for a victory, with which 1: 1 could live the men from the crossing but good, because they jumped to the saving shore. Reutlingen had a little more of the first 25 minutes, but then Villingen increased the pressure and would have to go into the lead in two large opportunities shortly before the halftime whistle. The Black Forests in the 68th minute took place when Heiligenstein could push in a free-standing shortly after his interiors. Four minutes later, the Joker had the 2-0 on the foot, but SSV goalkeeper wisdom brought shiny. With the first reutlinger score in the second half, the compensation fell: Lobkes flank found in the center of Dautaj, the net. Heiligenstein aimed in the 83rd minute again just in addition. The relief and satisfaction at the Reutlinger camp was great after closing whiff: Today, the team has been well defended as collective. We were on counterattack and have well secured. With his own possession we did not always find the best solutions. But the use of it is Result deserves, said coach Maik Schütt, who had to prove a strongly replacement team.