Viajes Pokemon has started a new rematch between Ash and Bea with his most recent episode. As Ash continues ascending in the ranks of the world coronation series, he has faced face-to-face with all kinds of strong opponents not only his past but also of the new adventures of him. However, this time he has had some interesting rivals, and Ash decided to put his eyes at the Champion of Galar Leon and in the Stow-On-Side Gym Leader, Bea. Bea has been the hardest opponent of Ash in the Coronation series so far.

They have had two battles as part of the series of world coronation so far, and each of them has won a single battle each. Now the two have the opportunity to fix things once and for all through a third and last battle as part of the Ultra class. Bea is currently ranked 30 and Ash in position 64, and the two must face each other to have the opportunity to reach the master class. That means that the most recent episode officially began its great battle:

Bea… smiled during a Pokémon battle? My God and I also understand why! ✊ Anipoke

  • Robert (@raboot bunnie) October 30, 2021

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Episode 85 of the series began its great fight between the two rivals, and it is confirmed that the rules of the world coronation series allow coaches to enter their battles with Z-moves (something that Ash has already taken advantage of in his battle Against Volkner), Dynamax (something that Bea plans to use because they face at the top of a Gigantamax powerpoint), or Mega Evolution (what Ash has been spending time in obtaining in the previous episode with him and the Lucario trip To the Kalos region).

With three Pokémon each, it is revealed along the episode that Bea has brought him Grapploct, Hawlucha and Machamp and Ash has brought his Pikachu and Lucario (with his third option yet to reveal). The two have already exchanged a series of powerful blows, but at the end of the episode none has lost one of their Pokémon. But it will be clear that the two will be serious with this next episode, and will solve things between them once and for all.

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