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Arcane Netflix Hit startet Crossover mit Magic The Gathering

On Netflix, the HIT series Arcane is already a huge success. Now the spin-off of League of Legends was also immortalized on a handful of Magic: The Gathering cards. In regular Magic boosters, however, you will not find them.

Arcane: Official Trailer

Since 2019, so-called Secret Lairs for Magic: The Gathering are regularly published. These are special collection boxes in which always a handful of cards with unique designs are stuck.

Particularly in demand are the official crossover with well-known franchises. Next to The Walking Dead, Fortnite and Street Fighters were now also presented Magic cards with artworks of the success series Arcane. Specifically, they are seven cards on which characters such as Jinx, VI and Jayce are also illustrated by the hex core. (Source:

The Secret Lair: Arcane is only available online

Unlike most standard sets from Magic: The Gathering, however, you can not find the Secret Lairs in the game shops of your trust and also not with GameStop or similar providers. Instead, all Secret Lairs can only be ordered for a limited period of time via the official website.

Pre-orders are possible from 29 November 2021 at 18.00 clock and cost 34.99 euros. The premium variant with the foil versions of the cards costs even 44.99 euros.

However, until you can keep the cards in your hand, you still have to be patient: So the Secret Lair officially appears only on April 22, 2022. Only then can the pre-orders be sent.

Game of Thrones George R R Martin does not like the series anymore

Two years the end of the HBO success series Game of Thrones is already here. Fans and critics are still alike 2, as the story about the fight for the iron throne is assumed.

And not only they, but also the author George R.r. Martin, from whose spring the original stories come, is dissatisfied. A new book gives insights into Martin’s opinion about the HBO series.

Creative disagreement at Game of Thrones

Actually, the fantasy author considered George R.r. Martin with his opinion about the Game of Thrones series from HBO always right back. Of course there is no secret that the course of the series was not in his sense. As a template, Martin’s Roman series served A Song of Ice and Fire, which still consists of five parts and is not completed yet.

The creators of the series had fabric for five seasons available and had to complete the story themselves. According to a recently published book by James Andrew titled Tinderbox: HBO’s Ruthless Pursuit of New Frontiers Martin had tried to provide the series makers with information about the further course of books.

Nevertheless, you did not start at HBO and spend an end together that the author had not imagined. The Game of Throne Blog Winter Is Coming published excerpts from the book. It expressed itself Paul Haas, the representative of the fantasy author, on the topic:

George loves Dan [Weiss] and Dave [Benioff], but to Season 5 he began to worry about the way they slipped, because George knows where the story leads. He began to say: My template ‘. The first 5 seasons stopped at Georges timetable. Then they deviated from Georges plan.

That was the consequence that George R.R. Martin’s foundations were thrown over the pile, and he had to watch his work went into a completely different direction. Haas explains in the book that George had never planned that Bran is strongly taking over the Iron Throne and will not pursue this end in his books.

In contrast, the producers believe Benioff and knows that the idea that Bran is a strong ruler over the six kingdoms come directly from Martin’s mouth.

George R.R. Martin Printed Daenerys Targaryen

George R.R. Martin Admits What He Hated About Game of Thrones!

After all, the author does not regret all about the series that builds on his books. In Millers book on HBO’s approach, Martin speaks positively about the presentation of the Deanery Targaryen and praises Emilia Clarke in this role. It was important for him to find an actress who can be extremely convincingly in the role. Emilia Clarke has mastered this challenge for him as he says:

Emilia Clarke was great. The role of Deanery’s is a difficult role… she will suddenly become a girl to a woman and begins to realize that she has power and authority. That’s an incredible transformation that comes through the whole Series pulls.

More Game-of-Thrones series in work

But much criticism can not afford the inventor of the fantasy epic around the Iron Throne. Martin has with HBO a grand contract, which will hold him for a few more years in the streaming landscape of HBO.

Another adaptation of his works is already in progress. Next, House of the Dragon is published in 2022 based on the book Fire and Blood of the writer. It will be a prequel series to Game of Thrones and play 200 years before its events. The focus is the big house Targaryen and its downfall.

Further series from the pen of the author are already in progress, but have not yet received an official title. Since George R. R. Martin will continue to be busy with the productions, fans still have to wait for a conclusion of the actual Game-of-Thrones saga.

So that the story can be completed around the Iron Throne, the author has planned two more novels: The Winds of Winter and a Dream of Spring. Both books are still in progress.

What do you think? How did the author finish the story of Game of Thrones?

From Dina Makovich
29.11.2021 at 14:05

Steam charts There is a new leader battlefield 2042 encountered from the throne

Steam (obvious [(e) Stem] is a digital computer game distribution platform established by Shutoff Corporation. It was launched in September 2003 as a way to value automatic updates to their video games, yet lastly broadened to consist of games that are not shutoff but from 3rd events. Steam supplies protection versus piracy, coupling web servers, video transmissions as well as social networking services. It likewise supplies the individual with the installation and automated update of games and also community features such as groups and checklists of close friends, conserved in the cloud, voice in the game and chat capability.
It is utilized both by tiny independent designers and also large software program firms for the distribution of video games as well as relevant multimedia product.
In order to take pleasure in all these solutions, it is essential to be signed up in the service by creating a free account, which linked computer game acquired by the gamer. These games can be both the games that are offered for the purchase on the system itself as particular video games bought in physical shops.

At the start of the new week we throw a closer look at The current Steam sales charts. There, a lot has happened in comparison to the previous week. This is, among other things, on the large-scale autumn-SALE, which lures with numerous offers. There is also a new leader.

Who is sitting on the throne of the Steam sales charts?

The ego shooter Battlefield 2042 had to spend the top spot in the Steam sales chart after several weeks. There is now the Agricultural Simulator 22, which had previously blown to attack. The latest Battlefield episode slipped into second place, while the role-playing game cyberpunk 2077 occupies the third and finally last place of the winning podium. Its comeback was fired through the autumn sale.

What about the rest of the top 10 at Steam?

Also, on the other ranks of the sales charts are framed by several returnees, which benefit from the current discounts. So the Western action game Red Dead Redemption 2 can be found both on the fourth and the eighth place. The Action Adventure Horizon: Zero Dawn could also be Comeback celebrate. By contrast, such tracks like Age of Empires 4 and Ruined King: A League of Legends Story.

Incidentally, the respective height of the achieved turnover is decisive for the placements of each game in the Steam sales charts. The charts are output weekly in an XML feed to Steam. The following charts refer to the period from 22 to 28 November 2021. From today, the calculation starts the top 10 of the next week. Here are the overview:

  1. Farming Simulator 22 (Agricultural Simulator)
  2. Battlefield 2042
  3. Spare 50% at Cyberpunk 2077
  4. Spare 50% at Red Dead Redemption 2
  5. Valve Index VR Kit
  6. Fora Horizon 5
  7. Spare 50% at Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition
  8. Spare 50% at Red Dead Redemption 2
  9. Spare 40% at FIFA 22
  10. Spare 10% at Myth of Empires

Source: Steam

Battlefield 2042 how to fix

From André left
29.11.2021 at 08:35

Ex K lner Deyverson decides Palmeiras wins the COPA again

The nae São Paulo (shell number A12) was an aircraft service provider of the course (French) Clemenceau, in service in the Brazilian navy. The São Paulo was originally constructed in 1963 for the French Navy under the name of Foch, after that moved in 2000 in Brazil, where he became the new Capital Ship of the Brazilian Navy. According to Jane’s Battling Ships throughout his profession in the Brazilian Navy, São Paulo has experienced upkeep concerns as well as has actually never ever handled to operate more than 3 months after you need repairs and upkeep. On February 14, 2017, the Navy revealed the deactivation of the building as well as its succeeding disarmament, which was lastly accomplished on November 22, 2018.

Cameras against Flamenco, São Paulo against Rio de Janeiro, winner 2020 against winner 2019. The team from Rio de Janeiro was the favorite, not least because of experienced stretching as David Luiz, Mauricio Islam and Luis Filipe or also Tolerant Gabriel Barbosa. With Bruno Henrique, a former Bundesliga player (14 missions for Wolfsburg) was in the Start elf Flamingos, which had won all four games against Cameras in the current season.

And yet Rio caught in Montevideo a bad start: in the fifth minute Make broke on the right and served in the center of Raphael Saga — 1: 0. Of course, the early gate played Cameras Coach Abel Ferreira exactly in the cards, but it could make his proteins cozy in their own half and lurk on counterattack. The act of defending champions then, too, Phased São Paulo acted to passive. That should avenge.

Cameras’ passivity punished


Flamenco had more of the game, urged the compensation, also in the knowledge that you have the championship at eight points residue on leaders Atlético Mineiro at still four outstanding match days will have to check out. Coach Renato Gaucho had to wait until the 72nd minute, until Gabriel Barbosa after a quick attack on the left and fine double pass made of acute angle in the short corner to the 1: 1 Tor keeper Everton had opened the door for Labials eleventh Copa-Libertadores match.

After that, it became quieter in front of the gates, so it went into the extension. In this, it was the substitute ex-Kölner Davidson (8 Bundesliga Games, 1 Tor), who punished a capital Schnitzel of Andreas Pereira ice-cold and brought his team to lead again.

Cameras, table profiteers in Brazil, thus gained the most important club competition of South America for the third time, and thus rose into a phrase of clubs that made the Tricampeonato. This circle is still part of the FC São Paulo, Remix Porto Alegre and the Pelé Club FC Santos.

Steam Charts Defends Battlefield 2042 the top spot

Steam is a video clip game digital distribution service by Shutoff. It was released as a standalone software program customer in September 2003 as a means for Valve to offer automated updates for their games, and also broadened to include games from third-party authors. Steam has likewise expanded right into an online web-based and also mobile digital storefront. Steam offers digital legal rights administration (DRM), web server hosting, video clip streaming, and also social networking solutions. It also provides the user with setup and automatic upgrading of games, and also community functions such as good friends checklists and groups, cloud storage space, as well as in-game voice and chat functionality.
The software application provides an easily readily available application programs user interface (API) called Steamworks, which designers can use to incorporate much of Steam’s features right into their products, including in-game accomplishments, microtransactions, and support for user-created web content through Steam Workshop. Though originally developed for usage on Microsoft Windows operating systems, variations for macOS and also Linux were later released. Mobile apps were likewise launched for iOS, Android, and also Windows Phone in the 2010s. The system additionally supplies a tiny choice of other content, consisting of style software application, hardware, game soundtracks, anime, and films.
The Steam platform is the largest electronic distribution platform for computer video gaming, holding around 75% of the marketplace share in 2013. By 2017, users purchasing video games through Steam totaled about US$ 4.3 billion, standing for a minimum of 18% of worldwide computer video game sales. By 2019, the solution had over 34,000 games with over 95 million monthly active users. The success of Steam has actually brought about the development of a line of Steam Device microconsoles, which consist of the Steams operating system as well as Steam Controllers, Steam Web link tools for local game streaming, and the upcoming Steam Deck, a portable individual computer system tailored for running Steam games.

Also, this week we start with a closer look the current Steam sales charts. The question arises whether the ego shooter Battlefield 2042 continues to find in the top spot or had to clear it again. Of course, we also present you the entire Top 10 at the same time.

Battlefield 2042 Is One Of The WORST Reviewed Games On Steam
Who is the current number 1 at Steam?

As already a fleeting look shows, Battlefield 2042 is still on the first place of the Steam sales charts. But not only that, the ego shooter of DICE also occupies the first three ranks of the top 10 in the form of different versions. Thus, the entire winning podium is in the hand of Battlefield 2042.

What is the rest of the top 10?

The racing game forza horizon 5 is now slipped to fourth place, but is also represented several times in the top 10. By the way, the same applies to the newly insulted role-play Ruined King: a League of Legends Story, which can be found on the seats six and seven.

In addition, the Agricultural Simulator 22 and the campaign of the EGO Shooter Halo Infinite could debut. In return, games like Football Manager 2022 and Jurassic World Evolution 2 had to say goodbye to the top 10.

Incidentally, the respective height of the achieved turnover is decisive for the placements of each game in the Steam sales charts. The charts are output weekly in an XML feed to Steam. The following charts refer to the period from 15 to 21 November 2021. From today starts the calculation of the top 10 next week. Here are the overview:

  1. Battlefield 2042
  2. Battlefield 2042
  3. Battlefield 2042 Gold Edition
  4. Fora Horizon 5
  5. Fora Horizon 5
  6. Ruined King: A League of Legends Story
  7. Ruined King: A League of Legends Story
  8. Age of Empires 4
  9. Pre-order of Halo Infinite (campaign)
  10. Pre-order of Farming Simulator 22

Source: Steam

From André left
22.11.2021 at 08:25

Xbox Series X Video recording and

That the Xbox Series X (from 529.90 € buy) with regard to the possibilities for video recording as well as the parts of the clips on the Xbox Series X has to catch up and also qualitatively behind what Sony on the PS5 Offers, is not a big secret. But one of Microsoft is aware of how Jason Reynold, his sign Xbox Director of Program Management, gave in a podcast to protocol over which the colleagues have reported by NGC.

I would say that Game-DVR is the area for which I would have wished for more progress this year than it was possible. He continued to say that this is definitely a priority for the Xbox staff next year and that the manufacturer actively listen to the feedback to the GAME DVR functions. We have made some changes and improves the reliability and quality of the recordings. But we know that we have a lot to do here.

However, he did not want to concretize a timeframe in which they have to expect further improvements next year in this regard. Accordingly, it remains a patience and the hope that the DVR updates do not have all too long.

How to Record and Edit Xbox Series S/X Videos with Commentary (NO COMPUTER)

Last updated video: Cloud gaming on console

Biathlon Denise Herrmann trumps at the start of the season

Denise Herrmann has given the German biathlon team a great prelude to the Olympic Winter. The 32-year-old took a strong third place at the World Cup start in Öresund in single races over 15 km. Herrmann lay with only one shooting error 1: 23.0 minutes behind the error-free single-world champion Market David ova from the Czech Republic and the Austrian Lisa Theresa Mauser (1 / + 1: 17.7).

For Herrmann, it was the 15th podium place of her career. She has already made the qualification for the winter games in Beijing (4 to 20 February) perfectly. I’m happy with the kick-off. Running was still a bit tough, but I expected that so that a mistake annoys me, but I feel stable in shooting, said Herrmann in IDF.

Second best biathlete of the German Ski Association (DSV) was surprised at icy minus 8.5 degrees Anna Wade. The 25-year-old secured the ninth place for impeccable shooting performance (+2: 28.6) and half the DSV standard for Olympia (once top 8, twice top 15) — as well as Vanessa Vogt (1 / + 2: 51, 8) as twelfth. For Either and Vogt it was the best World Cup result of your career.


Not that good ran the prelude for Franziska Prussia, which had occupied third rank in the overall World Cup last winter. The 27-year-old had to be satisfied with four shooting errors (+3: 28.3) with ranked 23. Nevertheless, it is positive for the upcoming races.

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Top sport live on DAZN. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly.

For the men, the season starts with the individual over 20 km at 3 pm. On Sunday, the sprints are over 7.5 and 10 km (11.00 and 13.45 clock).

Binance Huobi Notes Vulcan Forged PYR

Today, November 26th, Finance listed Vulcan Forged’s $PYR for trading at 08:00 UTC.

PER/BTC, PER/BUS, as well as PER/USDA are the readily available trading sets.

Any individual who wants to transfer $PYR to his Finance account can start now, yet withdrawals will open at 08:00 UTC tomorrow.

In addition, $PYR was likewise detailed today on the popular Hub exchange,

Just recently, PER token increased its reach to Finance Smart Chain as well as customers can send it without the huge charges of Ethereum Network. On top of that, PER is also offered on Polygon Network.

Watch today’s livestream with the CEO of Vulcan Forged, Jamie Thomson.

Concerning Vulcan Forged.

Vulcan Forged is a gaming studio and platform with a complete suite of solutions, including a producing portal, a leading 5 marketplaces, and numerous play-to-earn tokens that utilize a double token economic situation, PER, as well as LAVA.

#PYR List On Binance & Huobi Global I Vulcan Forged Gaming Site I Start Trading & Make Profi I DYOR
The Vulcan Forged ecological community is preparing for the public beta launch of Vulcanizers MMORPG and also its computerized Medallion (scholarship) program with Land plots, Berserk cards and also Vulcanizes.

Just Recently, Vulcan Forged has actually revealed its intents to develop Elysium, an EVM-Compatible blockchain that intends to be the home of all Metaverses.

By the end of this month, Vulcanizers will release the public beta and also scholarship program. We expect hundreds of players joining enormously the flagship MMORPG.

Diablo 3 We finally know when Season 24 ends how are you in S25

The end of Season 24 Diablo 3 is official — in December is over. We show you the exact date and with which content it continues in Season 25.

Diablo 3 Season 24 End Date Announced!

What is new? The official date to the end of Season 24 in Diablo 3 is fixed.

On the 5th of December at 17:00 o’clock is end. The 5th of December is a Sunday. The date confirmed community manager Filthier in the forums of Blizzard:

Season 24 started in July and thus reaches a duration of almost four months. A little longer than an average season, which runs about three months.

Learn here, how it continues with Diablo 3 to Season 24.

What happens in Season 25? Start and content

When will Season 25 start? A closer start date is still unknown. Usually, between the end and the start of a Season in Diablo 3 about one to two weeks. Possible dates would be:

Friday, December 10, 2021
Friday, December 17, 2021

From the past we know that Seasons in D3 usually start on a Friday and end on a Sunday.

What’s in it? In the last few weeks, Season 25 from Diablo 3 was already drawn extensively on the test servers. The new season theme brings soul stones that make you lies and powerful. On the PTR you could already test the stones and you in head and weapon sockets.

There are also balance changes in demon hunters, deadlines, hex optical and wizards. The exact numbers are still unclear, but a first insight into the season topic of Season 25 and the patch Notes to 2.7.2 in Diablo 3 you will find with us.

As a rule, there are detailed patch notes when Blizzard announces the new season with a concrete date. Until then, the last feedback of the tester is being implemented and worked at the fine cut of the new patch.

This is probably necessary, because the first feedback to the new changes sounded as if the correct op. Players declared: The season topic of Season 25 is even much stronger than Season 24. It is clear that Blizzard is again the numbers of the numbers of Stones turns. How strong you now come to the live servers is not yet foreseeable.

A lion may get a relevance of a relevant difficulty developer hints

Iron Gate WALDHEIM has received a small update on which a few details were revealed on the next major extension.

Tips And Tricks Actors Use To Get Into Character | Film Companion

Fresh update brings new enemy types to the boom. These drop the dozen materials that allow the Vikings to access the new object to sickening. In addition, the safety of the battles is a new kind of protective armor.

From the Mist lands extension, the image below was revealed and told that the landscape has begun to shape. However, the concerted matters are still unknown.

The developer has also responded to various fans’ questions from the game. A question on the addition of difficulty levels in the studio was well answered that the game gets different difficulties. Despite the public requests, it is not intended to increase.

Address :

SwedishStudio’s Viking Side Game Latham sold over a million copies of his publication
The habit of being Viking | Lion Console fin
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