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Pendant of the Brazilian football first division Grêmio Porto Alegre stormed after the home defeat against Palmeiras São Paulo (1: 3) on the field and destroyed the equipment for the video assistant (Var).

Hardly was the game finished, ran furious grêmio supporters, according to the VaR equipments portal globereporte from the sector of the Ultras, ran on the field of Arena do Grêmio and took apart what was in their way. Apart from the VaR equipment, the equipment from photographers suffered as to see in Brazilian television.

Palmeiras player Raphael Veiga broke out an interview on the lawn according to globoeVaR equipments, the guest delegation retreated in the stadium tunnel. In the parking area, there was therefore clashes of grêmio trailers with the security forces. Meanwhile, fans of Grêmio and Palmeiras beat themselves on the tribune.

BBC FIFA World Cup 2014 - Reaction to Brazil's humiliating 7-1 loss to Germany

The video assistant had contributed significantly to the outcome of the game. Among other things, after the procedure of the video assistant, a penalty for Palmeiras was given, which led to the 1: 1. According to the defeat, the traditional club is Grêmio with 26 points on the penultimate place in the table and must be afraid to go into the second league.