That was a highly deserved victory, the conclusion of Claus-Dieter Pele Wollitz was after the derby victory of his FC energy against the SV Babelsberg. No matter of course for the Cottbus virgin, it was traded around the eighth party this month. The plan was compactly defensive to stand and not to arrive at the beginning, explained the 56-year-old changed change in the approach in the approach of his team.

Exhausted Cottbuser shine by variability

He did not want to avoid personnel changes. Niclas Erlbeck, referenced against Jena of the field, had to be inevitable but inevitably. For Wollitz, the next trump was his actors – their polyvalence and mentality: It is not self-evident that after the downfall from last Sunday in Jena and today we win to zero. With a domestic defense that is not domestic defense and the six who played the right-back.

Hochdisciplined his team acted despite the unfamiliar roles, as far as he could evaluate this from his tribune square. He had confessed this to Jena during the week – and still does not seem to agree, There are good rules, there are bad rules and there are very idiotous rules, commented on the column of the playing field under electricity. But a supposedly positive aspect is the whole thing: You are much quieter because you must not have this influence.

Cottbus-Ultras nach Sieg gegen Babelsberg! | FCE - SVB 2:0 | Regionalliga

Individual mistakes and an injured toptor hunter

Having allowed this influence against Jörg Buder. The Babelsberg coach looked in the first passage for his team: In the first half we had to lead, the clearer chances had had. For him it was a typical draw game. Ultimately, Cottbus was well suited: We made the crucial mistakes that Cottbus has exploited ice cold. They deserved.

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In addition to the defeat, Buder also has to cope with the re-blessing of his Topstürmer s Frahn. This had already been struck in the run-up to the game: He has had something to be the curtain that has recourse. This was certainly a small advantage for energy, at which the success of the Lusatian is not tight. Whether Frahn can participate in the next appearance of the SV Babelsberg on Friday (19 o clock, live! At deserved victory), remain open for the time being.

Also open is also in which direction it goes for energy Cottbus. So far, it was a mixed season of the Lusatian. Why the two victories in series Wollitz do not sufficient for satisfaction: It is important that you take good care and remains constant.