The Big Update 2.0 for Animal Crossing: New Horizons is live and brings a lot of innovations. Including the popular Cafe of Taube Kofi (Brewster in English). How to unlock the dovecote in the museum, we explain to you in the guide.

How to find your Kofi (Brewster) and gets the dovecote café in the museum

Brewster Remix

You need for Kofi: Before you can get your kofi on your island, you must first meet a few requirements. First of all, you must have downloaded the Update 2.0 before you start the game. In addition, you have to be far enough in AC: New Horizons advanced to have unlocked Eugen and his museum.

Starts in the museum: You have fulfilled the prerequisites, you can start directly by visiting Eugen in the museum. He will tell you that he would like to open a cafe and looking for Kofi. He gives you a portrait of the dove.

Kofi location

To find Kofi, you have to go to the bridge of your island, where you will already wait for you with his boat. You can only drive you once a day with the boat from the boot, so necessarily talk to him, after you were in the museum, otherwise you have to wait another day.

So make a boat tour with a fighter. Kofi arrives at the Mile island will already expect you. Explains him that Eugen is looking for him and he will push you a gyroid fragment in hand. Now you can go back to your own island and reimburse Eugen. That s all that you can do for today.

The following day, the museum will be closed for renovations. Only another day later, so overall on the third day, Kofi will open his cafe in the museum. Then you can stop by and let you serve a hot drink from the Barrista Dove.

All innovations from Update 2.0 can be found in of our overview. We betray you as well as you can prepare your island perfect on the big update.

Do you have found Kofi already? What are you hoping for from the cafe?