Nintendo (任天堂 株式会社, Nintendō Kabushiki Gaisha) is a Japanese multinational business established in 1889 by Fusajirō Yamauchi near Kyoto in Japan. It specializes in the manufacture of video game gaming consoles, such as the Nintendo Enjoyment System (NES), Nintendo 64, the Wii, Nintendo Gamecube and also Nintendo DS and also, the most recent, the Nintendo Switch, as well as in the style Computer game such as Super Mario or The Tale of Zelda.
In its infancy, the company created Japanese playing cards: the Hanafuda. From the 1970s, the firm expands its activities by creating playthings and also arcade terminals. It is hence among the primary precursor business of the computer game. In the late 1970s, Nintendo starts the console market as well as video clip games. Currently, she is one of the leaders in this market: In 2008, Nintendo is ranked first video game author in Japan and 2nd in the United States (NDP Group). As of 2019, Nintendo offered about 800 million consoles, all generations and also kinds incorporated.
Nintendo is one of minority video game firms that have actually had the ability to go into some of its licenses, especially Mario or Pokémon, in the usual culture, along with iconic characters from various other enjoyment firms like Mickey Mouse of The Walt Disney Business. In 2015, Nintendo introduces a collaboration with Universal Parks & Resorts for the opening of Super Nintendo Globe at Universal Studios Japan in 2020.

Usually, the financial reporting season is starring data related to the income generated in the last quarter, as well as general sales and console sales, with the occasional future data. In this way, it highlights the fact that Nintendo has provided a demographic list regarding the age of the users of the switch.

During his latest corporate management policies report, Nintendo revealed that Between April and September of this year, more than 79 million have been recorded that have enjoyed the switch. Analysts have pointed out that by the end of March 2022, this number will exceed 87 million views during the previous fiscal period.

On the other hand, it was revealed that the greatest number of users of the Nintendo Switch are at 21 years of age. Similarly, it has been pointed out that the period between 20 and 30 years is where we can see as many players, with the second position confirmed by people between 30 and 40 years old.

Over the years not only decreases the number of players, but tastes change. While at 20 and 30 we see an emphasis on multiplayer experiences, such as Super Mario Party, Splatoon 2 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, from 40 onwards, RING FIT Adventure and animal Crossing: New Horizons are more popular.

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In related topics, Nintendo has reaffirmed that he intends to launch a new console. In the same way, this number of users of the online switch.

Editor s note:

These are pretty interesting data. This shows that Nintendo is not necessarily a console for children, and they are young adults who enjoy this console, and they do it in a more social way than anything. Hopefully more companies share similar information in the future.