As a quarterback in the NFL, he can play as good as he wants in the future — the fourth MVP title of his career, Aaron Rodgers can abschminken well after his own personal corona Impfdebatte.

I think this is a legitimate statement, the football pro said the Green Bay Packers on Tuesday. He laughed at the next appearance on the US talk show in which he had commented on this until Friday why he is vaccinated against the assumption is not against the coronavirus. It is all not so funny for him, Rodgers is in the United States similar to Joshua Gimmick in Germany in the center of a storm of indignation regarding vaccinations.

Randy Moss breaks down Aaron Rodgers situation:

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The comments toward the Super Bowl champions of 2011 are a lot sharper than all the appeals to Gimmick. This is probably because, as in the US aware of Rodgers, many people feel deceived — or even lied. Because even in August the teammate had the German-American Equanimeous St. Brown responded to a reporter asked about his vaccination: Yes, I m immunized.

Rodgers becomes a national embarrassment

The well-known for his polemic ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith described the three selected Most Valuable Professional NFL Packers playmaker recently even as a national embarrassment after his statements in the Pat McAfee Show.

There Rodgers had justified his resignation to vaccination with an allergy to a drug in the mRNA vaccines. He also worried about his taskability. Therefore, he uses homeopathic methods. To date there is no scientific evidence that a vaccine could affect the fertility of a man.

For the NFL, the whole complex situation is delicate. You must be the accusation put up to have turned a blind eye when Rodgers and not punish all violations of Corona regulations strictly equal. The league knew that it is not vaccinated, but did not respond to the public infractions such as press conferences without a mask. Only when the positive corona test Rodgers was publicly and in a series was further positive cases in a team there was an investigation.

unvaccinated at Halloween party

Now the punishment is certain: $300,000 for the Packers and the 14,650 US dollars for Rodgers and his teammates Allen Hazard because Halloween Party of the team had participated as unvaccinated Footballer on.

Was as Rodgers dressed in a Star Wars sweater and with a black cap on his head now reconnected via video in the show of ex-NFL player, wrestler and presenter Patrick McAfee, he gave himself at least partly understandable. He ll take full responsibility for my misleading comments, he said as related to the immunized statement from the summer. But he advanced content not budge from his position. I stand by what I said, and the reasons why I made the decision, he said.

As an ambassador he did not know hit it. He had to be arrived feeling on the other side of his Corona infection. He was well. Furthermore, he must make more tests before he could play football again, but not before the home game on Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks. I am athlete, not an activist. I will again do what I do best and that is play ball, Rodgers said. But he again rewarded with a personal award, for a few days significantly less likely to become.