It is not novelty, the world currently lives a pretty noticeable supply problem in the technological territory, where several manufacturers have already notified the shortage of components for their devices. That is the case of PlayStation, which according to a recent Bloomberg report would have cut by up to one million consoles the production of PS5 making even more difficult their purchase.

Always according to the well-known economic portal, the Japanese company has dropped from 16 million to 15 million its production forecasts for the current Fiscal Course, which ends March, complicating the efforts of the multinational to reach 14.8 million PS5 sold this year, an objective announced this summer by Sony and that the brand obtained by PS4 was fulfilled in its second year of life.

At the moment there is no confirmation by Sony, although from Bloomberg they remember that they have recently expressed their concern for a growth in logistics and chip supply problems and other pieces. In addition, sources to which the medium has had access to talk about how the shipments of components do not always arrive at time marked, making production even more difficult.

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Fear of a loss of users

Bloomberg goes further in his report on PS5 s production and warns about a possible loss of PlayStation 5 market not to solve these supply problems. In this sense, the economic portal was able to speak with an executive of a great Japanese publishing house that has noted a growth in the PC video game purchases users so far more usual from Sony consoles.

Console users would be happening to play PC in Japan Returning to the latest Sony statements from the end of October, specifically its financial director Pirogi Took, the company at the moment does not plan to change its sale estimates for the end of the Fiscal Course, set at 22.6 million consoles. It will be necessary to be attentive to upcoming information. Recall that in their first months of life, PS5 beat a record and became the PlayStation console that faster exceeded 10 million; Since then the rhythm has gone gradually slowing down.

However, these problems are not exclusive to Sony. A few days ago we also report a cut in the production of Nintendo Switch, while since Xbox have been pronounced on more than one occasion about current inconveniences.

This news arrives shortly after knowing about Sony s new plans to invest 500 million dollars in a new chip factory in Japan with the aim of guaranteeing a stable supply for the entire industry in the future.