The EPIC Games Store (also referred to as EPIC Games Launcher or Epic Games store) is an on-line web content and also rights management circulation platform established by Epic Games and available because December 6, 2018. EPIC Games Store welcomes 60 million monthly active users because its launch.

In the Epic Games Store you get the next gift today. As part of the Store website can be found, the EPIC package available for Season 4 from Rogue Company is available exclusively at EPIC Games today. A free PC game does not seem to give away the platform today. However, the store had surprised the users in the past again and again — and provided for the activation at 5 pm a previously unannounced game as a gift. So it could be worthwhile to visit the Epic Games Store this afternoon to a visit to the launch of the Rogue Company package.

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At 5 pm we also learn which free game of the Epic Games Store plans for the coming week. By the way, to the activation of the EPIC package for Rogue Company, you still receive Even Colony for free, which distributes the platform since the past Thursday to its members. Here you build a new home for humanity — far from our earth. On Even Prime you will find deserts, tundras and sump areas. The events use you to collect resources and to guide your population to prosperity.

The Rogue Company package includes agents Switchblade and Scorch, the Outfit Civilian Inferno for Switchblade and 20,000 Battle Pass EP. The items will assure you until the 18th of November, then the free offer changes to the download platform. By the end of the year, the store wants to distribute at least a free game per week. Whether there are also 2022 weekly gaming gifts, the platform has not yet been announced.

From David Martin
11.11.2021 at 08:33