Tomorrow s Community Day in Pinyin Bloom will proof that no one is for a walk to you.

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Tomorrow the first community day takes place in Pinyin Bloom, much like it developers Ni antic already in Pokémon Go and Ingress regularly makes. Since the title offers much less gameplay than the other two games, the event runs a little differently here.

Instead of meeting you with other Pinyin Bloom players, which would be quite discussion in view of the timing pandemielage, you will twice reward if your walk goes. Among the Benefits on this day counting that Pinyin germs grow 1.5 times as fast as otherwise and fruits deliver twice the amount of nectar. In addition, you will be rewarded if you manage to take 10,000 steps on this day. You will then receive a special pinyin medal.

Pikmin Bloom Celebrates It's First Community Day Event on November 13th 2021

In addition, on this day will be from the giant flowers pansies and if you then also plant a few punsters, it can happen that a giant flower develops an even more rare specimen.

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