These saw it at the Grand Prix of São Paulo as proved that the 24-year-old failed the tail of his Red Bull and, above all, that his Mercedes rival Lewis Hamilton had touched on Friday for the technical acceptance: The steward is clear that It has become the habit of the drivers to touch the cars after qualifying and the race, wrote the racing communities on Saturday.

Hamilton s investigation not affected

This general tendency was considered harmless as mostly and has therefore not been punished uniform. Nonetheless, it is a violation of the PARC Fermi scheme and has a significant loss potential, it continued in the judgment. Starting had not significantly adjusted when touching Hamilton s car. At the DRS mission, the rear spoiler of the English defending champion had opened too far. Meanwhile, the disqualification of the British series world champion was confirmed.

Max Verstappen touching Lewis Hamilton's car in Brazil

The Dutchman had been to be seen after the starting place hunt on Friday as he touched the rear wing of his car and then also the wing at the Mercedes of Hamilton. The stewards also evaluated a fan video. Starting and a red-bull representative were belonging. In the overall standings, the Dutch is located in front of the four last races of the season 19 points in front of Hamilton.