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Skyforge - Sudden Attack Of The Oceanids  | Invasion: Oceanids
Skyborne has its own seasonal events, and one of them is The Oceanic Invasion, which returns! From November 17 this attraction will be available on PC, and from November 18 will also return to other platforms. During this event you will be able to perform seasonal challenges yourself or with friends. The list includes new adventures, boss, as well as mass extermination of the title oceanic. The creators encourage you to take part in the game suggesting that the Oceanic Invasion has been awarded to the player with valuable equitation for their efforts. The event itself offers approximately 20 unique prizes, exclusive events for this event. If you pay for Invasion Pass, you will receive even more sweets, and some of them even immediately. Have fun or something. Although I have recently heard that the games complain, and they do not have a good time, so do whatever you want.