About a month ago, the developers of Terr aria on Steam shared a pretty little GIF in which the Eye of Cthulhu boss can be seen in the charming style of Do not Starve. Short time later shared Klein Entertainment, the Developer Studio From Do not Starve, a GIF of the Develops Boss in Terr aria.

Terraria 1.4.3 Don't Starve Update Confirmed! (Terraria DST News)

A teaser can not be much clearer for a crossover and a few days ago, Klein Entertainment now announced the release date of the update Eye for to Eye for Do not Starve Together: from 18 November will be done not can not measure starve players with the eye Cthulhu.
Local levels are no longer what they were. A tiny mishap has gone the world of terr aria in pretty… constant danger. […] survivors and terrains have to be alike… Who knows what could slip in the collision of two worlds through the cracks?

However, nothing is known about the terr aria half of the Crossovers. However, as the developers explained in an October update, at least one boss from Do not Starve will appear in Terr aria. Whether there will be further contents for the two titles in the context of the agreement, also remains to be seen.

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