Next year, semiconductor supply can be more serious.

CNBC reported on 14th (local time), which was a world-class investor, Paul Mix, which was not easily alleviated with semiconductor shortage.

He predicted that he could take a few more years until he had been solved by the semiconductor supply. In particular, he warned that he could further deepen the semiconductor supplies next year.

According to reports, the Portfolio Manager, the Portfolio Manager of Independent Sales, In the interview with the CNBC on the day, Wall price is underestimated to defend the semiconductor lack of semiconductor.

He argued that the next few years could take until the next semiconductor supplies. Mix is ​​a person who runs the world s largest technical fund in Merrill Lynch at the time of dot com bubble.

He said, Some companies (necessary) may not be able to shipment (necessary) volume, he said.

In particular, the mix was strong concern for the so-called FAANG, which is the most commonly used semiconductor, Amazon, and Google. Of these, Apple is particularly concerned.

Apple still has half of its sales from the iPhone, he added, There was a loss of sales billions of dollars in the last quarter, he added.

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In addition, the mix was the only of the FAANG enterprise, and the only Google has posted in the enterprise. That is why digital advertising market is recovering, so it is expected to benefit significantly.