The Early Access Battlefield 2042 is now running just a week and players are finding more and more out of themselves which weapons are particularly good. Currently, the PP-29 stands out especially. Mango shows you what the machine gun is so popular and which Loadout is suitable.

What is this for a weapon? The PP-29 is a machine gun and is based on the PP-19, the shooter veterans are well known. Like all SMS, it is especially strong on short distances.

In Battlefield 2042 she is just one of the most popular and best weapons. On the one hand, that depends on the fact that storm rifles are poor because of a problem with the blooming problem, on the other hand, the PP-29 also has some advantages.

How to switch the weapon free? It is the second machine gun that you can unlock. For this you have to achieve level 18.

We summarize the strengths and weaknesses of the weapon for you and how to play them. You can also view this video of YouTuber Lost, which has regarded the PP-29 more precisely.

The PP-29 is a strong all-rounder under the SMS

What are the strengths of the weapon? PP-29 has some benefits to offer other weapons and many strengths:

High fire rate
Sufficient damage
A big magazine
Well controllable
On close and medium distance strong
None so problematic scattering, as with storm powers

With the right setup, the MP is not only strong on short distances, but can also score points.

As a result, it is not only equal to most of the assault guns, but also even superior to the problems with the other weapon class. YouTuber Lost has introduced his weapons loadout.


This is how his setup looks for the PP-29:

Extended Run
The PP-29 has no underflow

Note: If you are experimenting with other essays, you have to be aware of another problem. Because the essays often do not do what their description indicates. So best test your weapon setups against bots.

So she plays: The weapon is well controllable and has only a vertical scattering. You have to keep it down while firing and can be stable on your opponents.

Distensions should only use short fires. The weapon has no alternative fire mode for this, so you have to use your bullets themselves dosed themselves.

With this setup you get an SMG, which does not have the highest fire rate of your arms class, but works very well as an all-round weapon. In addition, it is unlocked comparatively early.

Incidentally, if you are looking for great distances, an DMR is the weapon of your choice.

Storm rifles have a problem with scattering

What is the problem with the assault rifles? Storm rifles in Battlefield 2042 are very unprecedented at the beginning of a fire salve. Unfortunately, no weapons essays help and also stopping the character does not improve much on the blooming mechanics.

Above all, assault rifles are affected, but also LEGS seem to have problems. Sniper rifles and Mrs are therefore not to beat on larger distances, while SMS dominate the melee.

Developer DICE has the problem, however, on the screen and works on improvements.

What do you think about the PP-29? Have you already tested her? Do you have other weapons recommendations?