Hades, the latest title of Superman Games, has found a new life outside its PC port. The Roguelike Action RPG came out on Nintendo Switch Nine Months after the release of its early access PC Steam, and nearly two years after its announcement as an exclusivity Fierce on Epic Games Store.

With HADES now available on three different platforms on two systems, the fans of the game are wondering when the cross-backup feature will arrive. The management of multiplatform backups has been mentioned since the game has left anticipated access to Steam in September, but super going has hesitated to provide anyone a potential launch date.

However, after the launch of Hades on Nintendo Switch, we now have a better idea of ​​the moment when cross-backup will be implemented. So when will the management of cross-backups be added to the game?

You can expect Hades s cross-saving functionality arrives in October. Super giant responded to a curious user of Twitter about the functionality after the last patch of the Nintendo Switch. In their response, supergluing confirmed that the cross-safe functionality would arrive in October, but they did not disclose an official date.

Hades gets cross save between PC and Nintendo Switch
Cross-backup support would allow players to transfer their backup files between Nintendo Switch and PC without losing progress. It is therefore super giant implements this feature and gives the base of HADES fans more options to play on the platform that suits them best at any time. Once we have the confirmation of the crossed backup date of Hades, we will update this guide.