[INTERNATIONAL SYSTEMS 24 Municipal Reporter] Kim Hyung TAE Shrimp-up Representative has a fan signing at BE SCO JAPAN 2021 on the 18th.

The signing of this sign is that it is an event that is designed to encourage the attention of the visitors to Nice: Winning God.

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The signing of the Signing proceeds from the shift-up BTC booth to about 1 hour afternoon. The shift-up will adhere to the execution of the defense.

In addition, Kim Hyung-tae is a Gustav 2021 International Game Conference League. Kim Hyung TAE, who played a 1-day keynote of the conference on the JIM of the Jiga-site on the 18th and 19th, is the subject of To Director at the Illustrator on the 18th, a group of conventions in the convention hall at 1 pm on the 18th.

From this lecture to the illustrator in 1997, we will be a representative of the shift from the beginning of the shift, and will be the artist and corporate representative to the way to the development philosophy.

Kim Hyung-tae Thrush said, From today to 2021 Gustav, the position of general visitors will proceed. Through the publication of the teaser, it is waiting for the visitors to the visitors, During the exhibition period, I would like to experience and enjoy it directly.