Discover a rich post-apocalyptic pixel art open world with random experiences and also ambushes.
Personalize your hero by implanting body organs in their body to fit your play style.
Dive deep into a mind-bending science fiction story regarding a Multiverse on the edge of devastation.

We re thrilled to reveal that Dungeon, a pixel art sci-fi RPG, is offered today with Xbox Game Pass! Our team has actually gotten on fairly a journey: Dungeon has been in development for 6 years now. Today, with the launch, we are enjoyed see how the PC gaming community will respond to it.

What is Dungeon ? Firstly, it s a visual experience like nothing else. We tried to produce a globe that you promptly really felt at home in and likewise like something you have actually never ever seen prior to. The pixel art design felt like an excellent fit for the team s ambitious sci-fi vision.

We have actually put together a group of 13 people, 4 of them being musicians. Numerous hours have actually been purchased drawing and stimulating our charming environments and also characters by hand to make the gamer claim: I intend to explore this world! If we were to discuss our ideas, Dune by Frank Herbert and some one of the most iconic-looking pixel art titles like Moonlighter would certainly enter your mind.

Tale as well as lore are other vital attributes we have actually been concentrating on while in pursuit of immersion. Dungeon is established in Multiverse, where 7 measurements find themselves on the brink of infective chaos. You are Void: a carrier, a Herald developed by your measurement as well as sent to an old city of Archaean to gather six seals that belong to other worlds. As you travel with area as well as time, the Multiverse gets shaken by a terrible calamity of unknown nature, leaving you stranded in a barren alien land. To find your way out of this hostile desert, you will have to connect with local tribes people.

To produce a living, breathing cosmos, we focused our initiatives around tradition. It covers 10s of thousands of years, from ancient times long since gone to the here and now day clouded by concern and also uncertainty. Our game consists of over 150,000 words of text as well as discussion. Decisions you make during your journey can have enormous effects on the ending.

Dungeon is an action-oriented, parlor game which means that it will certainly not go down without a fight. Some aggressive animals and also locals are not pleased with your unexpected intrusion of their community as well as will want to quit you. You will certainly have a vast selection of weapons at your disposal, consisting of various claws for melee battle and ranged devices like bombs, blades, as well as other fatal projectiles. The video game likewise has an unorthodox healing system where you release a recovery thing and land a strike to refill your HP points. Simply ensure it does not obtain taken when you require it.

Another ingenious system our game is going to introduce is the body organ transplantation system. Loot body organs from eliminated enemies or craft them from raw material to offer your body extra effective capacities. The Core is the primary viral organ of your body you can boost and also personalize, enabling different builds: from tanking to using Dot(Damages with time) or vital damage to hired friends. We have done our ideal to make certain the character-building technician is as deep as it can obtain with a wide range of build designs, and we wish each player will certainly change their hero to the play style that fits them the most effective.

Two worlds will be offered at launch, similar to with the personalities. The Wastelands, where Space discovers himself stranded after a stopped working journey to Archaean, are a windswept outback with a harsh completely dry climate, hostile fauna, and unusual people that populate its rough grandeur. The second world, Queensland, looks like lush yet harmful marshy land. All sort of arachnids, reptiles, and amphibians dwell in this land of old ruins, enigmas, as well as inevitably, danger.

Undungeon (PC/Xbox) - trailer - action RPG - now available
Dungeon concentrates heavily on exploration. We re presenting a global map with arbitrary occasions to add the aspect of unpredictability and also surprise to every trip.

Dungeon is available today with Xbox Game Pass, and we regard wish you ll like it. Keep up to day by following us on Twitter as well as join our Discord server.



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Dungeon is an activity role-playing experience that restores the spirit of old college action/RPGs wrapped in contemporary layout. Bring back the order in all measurements, impact as well as determine the destiny of the globes, create and choose what will occur in the brand-new Multiverse. Colorful pixel art visual appeals: each tree, bush or rock is hand-drawn, each enemy has lots of carefully crafted animation structures to develop a distinctive visual experience; Mind-bending sci-fi story: Several multidimensional variations of Earth were unexpectedly merged together, shattering each other in a disastrous event referred to as the Great Change. This event harmed the fabric of time and also room itself, seemingly beyond reconstruction. You, a Herald, will certainly sign up with a secret interdimensional organization– Herald s Undercover Bay, or merely H.U.B., produced by Dharma to remedy the aftermath of the disaster; Heated real-time fights: regulate a Herald– almighty hero created by God. Integrate his effective melee as well as varied attacks to overcome your enemies. Recover thoroughly to make sure that enemies do not take your remedy, usage movement, various enthusiasts, as well as rebuffs to acquire the advantage as well as defeat your opponents; Adjustable hero: implant various body organs right into the body of your Herald to obtain one-of-a-kind battle boosters and easy capacities. Collect and furnish nodes as well as runes to make your Herald godlike. Express on your own, produce a construct that fits your play style completely, be it companions, throwable tools, important or Dot damage as well as far more; Crafting system: deep crafting systems that allow you to disassemble raw materials and create from gotten resources one-of-a-kind body organs, tools, equipment and consumables that will certainly assist you to define your distinct play through; Vast open globe: check out distant lands beyond belief and satisfy their exotic occupants– sellers as well as bandits tackling their lives regardless of where you go. You can patronize citizens, hire them to assist you in fights, or perhaps destroy their camps. In between objectives, you can recover, get ready as well as rest in H.U.B.– a base located in a neutral room expanse in between dimensions; NPC interaction system: choices you make as a Herald will certainly influence the destinies of the characters you fulfill, along with whole measurements.