A newly published Sci-Fi game on Steam shows you how breathing nice foreign planets can look like. EX ONE waives laser and room fighting and instead chooses a completely different way.

Why is EX ONE on Steam?

A strange signal, an extraterrestrial construction, an interplanetary, gracious journey through space and time. The new EX ONE appeared on Steam knows how it has to be presented and poses only more questions. On the basis of the trailer, however, it becomes clear that this is a very specific Sci-Fi Adventure.

In EX ONE you control a small flying saucer, which examines beautiful planets and strange alien landscapes. However, you do not need laser cannons or other weapons. Instead, you have to use the strange environments to move forward your ship.

Relaxing space adventure is good at players

On Steam, you can now try a free demo to Ex One. The control requires some exercise, but a real master can complete with the saucer impressive maneuvers by sliding for example about the cliffs of an ice world and builds up new momentum.

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EX ONE has not only cleared some prices for indie games, but is perfect at the Steam community. Currently, it achieves a very positive evaluation. 96 percent of players give the Sci-Fi Adventure a thumbs up.

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The sci-fi game EX ONE relies on exploration and fast space maneuvers and renounces great air fights. The game has been released on Steam and already comes out extremely well there. You can even try a free demo.