Who Asked For This? From A Kickstarter MMORPG To A Failed Early Access Game
Let’s start with the fact that the steam premiere of Arena of Kings was moved from this week on December 17. Reason? It was not given, but it probably has a relationship with the desire to refine the game. And from positive things: Records to PTR have just begun, thanks to which you can check the Arena of Kings yet before the official debut. Everything you have to do is Visit this address and click Ask for access. Arena of Kings is an start experience without EVE, without grinding, no scree. > Arena of Kings is a dynamic team fighting on the arena. Experience start-style struggle without grinding. Create a hero from 10 unique classes. Advance, learn new spells and collect epic peels. Casual, ranking and tournament modes. In the game we have access to 10 character classes: Elder Rich Mystic Paladin Ranger Scholar Wizard Nihilist Assassin Champion