American Broadcasting Firm (ABC) (in Spanish: American broadcasting firm ) is one of the four largest business broadcasting television channels in the United States. Developed in 1943 from the previous chain NBC Blue Network, the ABC is now possessed by The Walt Disney Business as well as becomes part of Walt Disney Television. The initial concern of this chain on television was in 1948. As one of the Big 3 Television Networks (3 large TV networks), the chain has actually added to the pop culture of the USA with its shows.
ABC’s company headquarters lies in the Upper West Side neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City, and the firm’s information procedures additionally concentrate on Manhattan, while its amusement programming workplaces are located in Burbank, The Golden State, Adjacent to the Walt Disney Studios and the Home Office of The Walt Disney Firm.
The official name of the company is American Broadcasting Companies, Inc., as well as this name shows up on the copyright notices of your inner productions and all your certification, including your settlement checks as well as your agreements. A separate entity called ABC Inc., currently called Walt Disney TV as well as previously as Cities/ ABC Inc., is the direct matrix of this business, which company consequently belongs to Disney. The chain is in some cases referred to as the Alphabet Network as a result of the truth that its existing logo includes the letters ABC, the initial 3 letters of the Latino alphabet in their very own order.
The company is constituted by numerous devices, consisting of, among others, its television department (the ABC primary chain), a department for radio broadcasts (ABC Radio), an information division (ABC Information), a Sports Department (ESPN ON ABC), and an entertainment division (ABC Entertainment).

The two journalists of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRL) had brief at a live switch in Norwegian television, in which it was about working conditions and living conditions of the guest workers in Qatar. Exactly one year before the tournament start (opening match on November 21, 2022), the sports policy journalist Favor Eke land and the photographer Woman Guarani wanted to provide a renewed overview of the situation of the workforce on the construction sites of the Arab Emirate. This had recently been repeatedly criticized by Amnesty International.

You see the fear in your eyes.

Favor Eke land, Norwegian journalist

During live reporting, Eke land expressed concerns about dealing with guest workers. There is a big discrepancy in this country. Some workers are horrible. You can see in their eyes that they are not feeling well. They work very hard all day, he commented on the spot. The workforce would remain particularly strong, which did not want to comment against media representatives. If I ask her for an interview, you see the fear in her eyes, Eke land Live described these encounters live in Norwegian television.

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We were arrested at the hotel on Sunday evening, brought to a police station and stayed there over several hours, the sports journalist described the expiration of events. He and Guarani would now have several meetings with the NRL, find out some things and return to a statement at the given time. According to the officers, the two knowingly and intentionally violated the law by doing unauthorized a private property and filmed there. In the course of this arrest, according to Norwegian authorities, image material that they had received in a working migrant camp should have been deleted.

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Qatar 2022: The way from the World Cup assignment to today

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In December 2010, the World Cup 2022 is awarded to Qatar.

Five years later, FIFA decides to develop a World Cup in the winter months for the first time.

For eleven years, non-sporting topics have dominated the World Cup: It’s about voice purchase, exploitation of workers on construction sites and fundamental human rights.

According to report on guest workers: Norwegian journalists arrested in Qatar

WM in the away: a year to Qatar

Regime critic imprisoned shortly before interview

This was not the only detention after researching the NRL. Only a few hours before a planned interview with the state station, a well-known critic of the regime, Abdullah Ibis, was custody of the police. Ibis, earlier as a media and communication chief still active for the World Cup Organizing Committee, was convicted in April to five years imprisonment due to corruption, whereas he insisted. A critical report of the Norwegian football magazine Josiah to the procedure acknowledged the Organizing Committee with a claim to remove wrong and defamatory information from the article.

Gerund Erik sen, Director of the Norwegian Sendanstalt, criticized the events sharp. For him, an attack on the values ​​of the free, independent press would be present. He now expects a respective reaction from the Government of the Scandinavian State, who just missed the World Cup qualification on the last match day: I expect them ( The Norwegian government, note d. Red. ) the importance of a free and independent press and importance of freedom of expression will be emphasized.

Also with FIFA, the NRL will contact, as it is untenable to prevent the media from the world’s largest sporting events from exercising free and independent reporting.