The chaos on the hardware market continues to adhere to: The Next-Gen consoles like PS5 and Xbox Series X have been a true rarity since their release — and also the graphics card market plays crazy with overpriced prices. The persistent material shortage now brings the next console to fall: The Steam Deck of Valve.

After PS5 and Xbox: Also with the Steam Deck there are problems

Gamers have just no easy time — since release, buying the Next gene is not a sugar pocket and also the acquisition of a graphics card of NVIDIA and AMD is similar to a luxury edition. The reason for this is, among other things, the scarce material availability of the components — including the important semiconductors.

Apparently, this scarcity has now demanded another victim, as Valve must announce. The Steam Deck should be after the reservations in July actually at the latest for Christmas in the hands of the waiting buyers, but now nothing becomes.

The delivery date is shifted and is expected to take place in February 2022. In the updated FAQs from Valve, these are written to the following reasons for the displacement (Source: Steam Store).

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Despite our best efforts to bypass the problems with the global supply chain (by planning additional time for such risks and worked with various manufacturers of components), our plans were nevertheless crossed for production. Material shortages and delays led to some components not reached our production facilities in time.

Missing components and logistical challenges lead to a delay in the launch of the Steam Deck. For this reason, we had to move the shipping for two months to February. We work with high pressure to adapt the reservation data based on the new schedule and keep you up to date in this regard.

In our Gig Headlines, you will learn all the details and specifications to the Steam Deck:

You have already reserved. What now?

Valve further assures that the place in the queue for pre-order is preserved and the notification for purchase in the same order takes place, as before the shift. Only after the new schedule from February.

If you have reserved a steam deck, you can log in to Steam and learn your updated time window.

The material shortage in the technology area calls for the next victim. The Steam Deck of Valve is expected to be delivered only in February 2022, instead of planned in December 2020.