The end of Season 24 Diablo 3 is official — in December is over. We show you the exact date and with which content it continues in Season 25.

Diablo 3 Season 24 End Date Announced!

What is new? The official date to the end of Season 24 in Diablo 3 is fixed.

On the 5th of December at 17:00 o’clock is end. The 5th of December is a Sunday. The date confirmed community manager Filthier in the forums of Blizzard:

Season 24 started in July and thus reaches a duration of almost four months. A little longer than an average season, which runs about three months.

Learn here, how it continues with Diablo 3 to Season 24.

What happens in Season 25? Start and content

When will Season 25 start? A closer start date is still unknown. Usually, between the end and the start of a Season in Diablo 3 about one to two weeks. Possible dates would be:

Friday, December 10, 2021
Friday, December 17, 2021

From the past we know that Seasons in D3 usually start on a Friday and end on a Sunday.

What’s in it? In the last few weeks, Season 25 from Diablo 3 was already drawn extensively on the test servers. The new season theme brings soul stones that make you lies and powerful. On the PTR you could already test the stones and you in head and weapon sockets.

There are also balance changes in demon hunters, deadlines, hex optical and wizards. The exact numbers are still unclear, but a first insight into the season topic of Season 25 and the patch Notes to 2.7.2 in Diablo 3 you will find with us.

As a rule, there are detailed patch notes when Blizzard announces the new season with a concrete date. Until then, the last feedback of the tester is being implemented and worked at the fine cut of the new patch.

This is probably necessary, because the first feedback to the new changes sounded as if the correct op. Players declared: The season topic of Season 25 is even much stronger than Season 24. It is clear that Blizzard is again the numbers of the numbers of Stones turns. How strong you now come to the live servers is not yet foreseeable.