The nae São Paulo (shell number A12) was an aircraft service provider of the course (French) Clemenceau, in service in the Brazilian navy. The São Paulo was originally constructed in 1963 for the French Navy under the name of Foch, after that moved in 2000 in Brazil, where he became the new Capital Ship of the Brazilian Navy. According to Jane’s Battling Ships throughout his profession in the Brazilian Navy, São Paulo has experienced upkeep concerns as well as has actually never ever handled to operate more than 3 months after you need repairs and upkeep. On February 14, 2017, the Navy revealed the deactivation of the building as well as its succeeding disarmament, which was lastly accomplished on November 22, 2018.

Cameras against Flamenco, São Paulo against Rio de Janeiro, winner 2020 against winner 2019. The team from Rio de Janeiro was the favorite, not least because of experienced stretching as David Luiz, Mauricio Islam and Luis Filipe or also Tolerant Gabriel Barbosa. With Bruno Henrique, a former Bundesliga player (14 missions for Wolfsburg) was in the Start elf Flamingos, which had won all four games against Cameras in the current season.

And yet Rio caught in Montevideo a bad start: in the fifth minute Make broke on the right and served in the center of Raphael Saga — 1: 0. Of course, the early gate played Cameras Coach Abel Ferreira exactly in the cards, but it could make his proteins cozy in their own half and lurk on counterattack. The act of defending champions then, too, Phased São Paulo acted to passive. That should avenge.

Cameras’ passivity punished


Flamenco had more of the game, urged the compensation, also in the knowledge that you have the championship at eight points residue on leaders Atlético Mineiro at still four outstanding match days will have to check out. Coach Renato Gaucho had to wait until the 72nd minute, until Gabriel Barbosa after a quick attack on the left and fine double pass made of acute angle in the short corner to the 1: 1 Tor keeper Everton had opened the door for Labials eleventh Copa-Libertadores match.

After that, it became quieter in front of the gates, so it went into the extension. In this, it was the substitute ex-Kölner Davidson (8 Bundesliga Games, 1 Tor), who punished a capital Schnitzel of Andreas Pereira ice-cold and brought his team to lead again.

Cameras, table profiteers in Brazil, thus gained the most important club competition of South America for the third time, and thus rose into a phrase of clubs that made the Tricampeonato. This circle is still part of the FC São Paulo, Remix Porto Alegre and the Pelé Club FC Santos.