Two years the end of the HBO success series Game of Thrones is already here. Fans and critics are still alike 2, as the story about the fight for the iron throne is assumed.

And not only they, but also the author George R.r. Martin, from whose spring the original stories come, is dissatisfied. A new book gives insights into Martin’s opinion about the HBO series.

Creative disagreement at Game of Thrones

Actually, the fantasy author considered George R.r. Martin with his opinion about the Game of Thrones series from HBO always right back. Of course there is no secret that the course of the series was not in his sense. As a template, Martin’s Roman series served A Song of Ice and Fire, which still consists of five parts and is not completed yet.

The creators of the series had fabric for five seasons available and had to complete the story themselves. According to a recently published book by James Andrew titled Tinderbox: HBO’s Ruthless Pursuit of New Frontiers Martin had tried to provide the series makers with information about the further course of books.

Nevertheless, you did not start at HBO and spend an end together that the author had not imagined. The Game of Throne Blog Winter Is Coming published excerpts from the book. It expressed itself Paul Haas, the representative of the fantasy author, on the topic:

George loves Dan [Weiss] and Dave [Benioff], but to Season 5 he began to worry about the way they slipped, because George knows where the story leads. He began to say: My template ‘. The first 5 seasons stopped at Georges timetable. Then they deviated from Georges plan.

That was the consequence that George R.R. Martin’s foundations were thrown over the pile, and he had to watch his work went into a completely different direction. Haas explains in the book that George had never planned that Bran is strongly taking over the Iron Throne and will not pursue this end in his books.

In contrast, the producers believe Benioff and knows that the idea that Bran is a strong ruler over the six kingdoms come directly from Martin’s mouth.

George R.R. Martin Printed Daenerys Targaryen

George R.R. Martin Admits What He Hated About Game of Thrones!

After all, the author does not regret all about the series that builds on his books. In Millers book on HBO’s approach, Martin speaks positively about the presentation of the Deanery Targaryen and praises Emilia Clarke in this role. It was important for him to find an actress who can be extremely convincingly in the role. Emilia Clarke has mastered this challenge for him as he says:

Emilia Clarke was great. The role of Deanery’s is a difficult role… she will suddenly become a girl to a woman and begins to realize that she has power and authority. That’s an incredible transformation that comes through the whole Series pulls.

More Game-of-Thrones series in work

But much criticism can not afford the inventor of the fantasy epic around the Iron Throne. Martin has with HBO a grand contract, which will hold him for a few more years in the streaming landscape of HBO.

Another adaptation of his works is already in progress. Next, House of the Dragon is published in 2022 based on the book Fire and Blood of the writer. It will be a prequel series to Game of Thrones and play 200 years before its events. The focus is the big house Targaryen and its downfall.

Further series from the pen of the author are already in progress, but have not yet received an official title. Since George R. R. Martin will continue to be busy with the productions, fans still have to wait for a conclusion of the actual Game-of-Thrones saga.

So that the story can be completed around the Iron Throne, the author has planned two more novels: The Winds of Winter and a Dream of Spring. Both books are still in progress.

What do you think? How did the author finish the story of Game of Thrones?

From Dina Makovich
29.11.2021 at 14:05