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Game Pass Switch and Co Who wants to play on the way Column

The gaming industry apparently identified a dilemma 2021: PCs and consoles tend to be connected to a screen or monitor and can not be used anywhere. People, however, are comparatively mobile and can, for example, travel away from the bedroom to the dentist and from the hardware store to the kitchen.

So to get gaming where people are where people are, the companies have properly turned up this year: with the release of the OLED switch, the announcement of the Steam Deck, the cloud gaming feature of the Xbox Game Passes and The Sony Leak for merging PS Now and PS Plus was shown where to go — namely everywhere.

Steam deck, Game Pass and Co: Gaming on the go

Gaming companies try either with new hardware (Steam Deck and OLED-Switch) or via streaming (Game Pass and the new PS plus) at any time available at any place — and thus quasi a kind of game -Boy-2.0 age.

While the branch direction of the industry in the annual review becomes quite clear, but my personal 2021 shows in the absolutely opposite direction.

In our picture gallery we show you the best features of the PS5 and Xbox Series X | S:

PC, PS5 & Xbox Series X | S: Next gene is only at home

One of the aspects I have estimated 2021 to gaming is the spectacle: the 4K resolution, the brilliant HDR colors and contrasts as well as the (still rare) ray tracing moments. However, the visual optimum can only be made on the screen or TV, from consoles and PCs that can not be transformed into portable mini versions due to their computing power.

Another aspect is the grandiose stories that are told in Games — and their emotional potential. In retrospect, I have spent a large part of the year with the Legendary Edition of the Mass Effect Trilogy on the Xbox Series X. At no time I had the desire to press this gigantic sci-fi universe to a tiny screen to take it into the subway and ruining the readability of dialogues, visual details and control.

In addition, other subway drivers would have witnessed my reaction to the cruel fate of my crew in Mass Effect 2 — and I usually try to avoid desperate outbreaks in public.

Gaming and Corona: Where to do with the portable consoles?

Introducing Nintendo Switch GamePass Service! (Nintendo Switch Subscription Based Concept Trailer)
Of course, at the end of 2021 can not be ignored that the world still sees in a pandemic, whose end is simply not foreseeable. In the consequence I have significantly less use of a portable gaming device, eventually I am unfortunately much less common than previously on the way somewhere.

The world has shrunken for many since 2020 and gaming mobility has radically developed in contrast to mobility of people. Currently, the Gaming of anywhere concept does not seem to serve existential need, as everywhere is currently limited to an tiny space.

I hope that this will change again in the future. But until then I like to let my games at home during my rare trips, rather than visually poorer versions of them from a puzzled audience from strangers who ask themselves why the type with the portable computer does not join its spaceship crew can.

Look here in the video the winners of the Game Awards 2021:

Xbox, PlayStation, Steam and Nintendo showed 2021 that they put more than ever on mobile gaming. But is the gamble from everywhere in these times really a necessary innovation?

Microsoft Marcel Kranz becomes Gaming Category Lead in the roof

From 01.01.2022 Marcel Franz is responsible as Gaming Category Lead the Gaming Business for Microsoft in the D / A / CH region. He assumes the field of Florian Viewer, which has been responsible for the Xbox EMEA Marketing Director for all trademark communications around Gaming in Europe, Middle East & Africa since October 15, 2021.

With a view of the successful launch of the new hardware generation last year and the steady expansion of our subscription services, we are at Xbox in a very exciting phase. All the more I am pleased to bring together our product solutions in the future with partners from local trade in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and to put new impulses together with my team, says Marcel Franz.

After stations at Atari and Sega, Marcel Franz has been responsible for various product categories in the Xbox D / A / CH team since 2012.

#bhfyp #pubg #pubgmobile #gamer #gaming #mobile #pubgfunnymoments #pubgpc #pubgvideos #tiktok

Most recently, Marcel Franz was in its position as a Senior Category Manager the Subscription Services Business for Xbox in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East & Africa) — including the Game Pass Products as well as the Gift Cards Business for Microsoft.

`Verserk` and handed EN ` Lineage W` Global Attack

[Kids News 24 Municipal Reporter] NC soft is a global market for Global Market ‘Lineage W’ through collaboration with the world’s intellectual property (IP).

On the 24th, NC soft (Representative Kim Taejon) revealed the ‘TJ’ Letter ‘image with narration of Kim Taejon CCO (the best window intelligence officer). The collaboration plan with super IP to enhance global elements through that image has also been announced.

First, Collaboration IP is a world-renowned Mercury beyond Japan. Jersey is a global IP, which recorded Global Cumulative issuance, with a global lumen issuance of Global Cumulative issuance. NC soft plans to provide a new experience, including naturally dissolving the world and story of work beyond the level of Berserk’s IP,

Batman! Very Very Angry!

We also said that the famous IP and collaboration plans in the future. Kim Taejon said CCO said, Berserk will begin to become a legendary global IP and collaboration.

Lineage W is a ‘Global One Artist’ game that can meet a variety of countries on a single server. NC soft introduced artificial intelligence (AI) translation technology so that users can easily communicate by country. Even if a user connects to a number of regions, the cloud network was established in many bases in the world so that it has not decreased network quality.

Based on the above technology, it is present in the current Lineage and a fierce country. The company is a policy to update the ‘World Battle’, and the ‘World Behavior’, which is the server invasion ▲ that plays the battle of blood, In 2022, we will expand its launch area by North America, Europe, and South America.

NC soft has shared Lineage W’s performance through the ‘Director Preview’ video on the 9th, and introduces future update plans. According to Lee Seong-gu, Lineage IP headquarters, Lineage W is a box office and is in a box office. The average annual sales for a week after launch and exceeded $1.2 billion in sales and exceeded 1,000 won in 9 days.

User indicators are also steadily increasing. On the day of the release, it started with 9th World, 108 servers, but the user is operating and has expanded the world, and is currently operating in 192 servers. The first day of the release is the most user, and after the indicator is getting more and more than the general games that fall.

When Mom calls me` Paulo Otavio` I know that there is trouble

Paulo Octavio, do you feel like the robbery of the Bundesliga right now?
It is actually not so easy in recent days. I would not have thought that this action triggers such an ECHO. I feel like my foul was shown all over the world, I got many messages. Many people have written to me positive things, but there were also some evil news.

For example?
I do not want to talk big about it. A message was very hard, and I wonder how to write another person. After that I have limited the option for private messages on my channels in the social media.

There were reactions to their emergency brake against Mynas Dabber. A tackling with startup. Quite openly asked: What did you think of what did you shoot through your head in the seconds?
The problem was: On the scoreboard, the time is only running up to the 90th minute, the screening time is then no longer displayed. I did not know that she had almost expired, I thought we can still achieve the balance. I only had in mind: I have to prevent this gate. So I’m tied behind.

Friends wrote to me that the game stone, scissors, paper in Brazil has now renamed stone, Paulo, paper.

Paulo Octavio

And then lifted with both legs and made the famous scissors.
I’ve never done that in my career before. I knew directly that there is red. That’s why I got up immediately and gone. But I did not want to hurt Mynas Dabber in no circumstances, I deliberately did not jump with the tunnels in his legs.

In football, players roll on the ground for little things. Dabber stood directly after this attack. Was he shocked, he was angry?
I wanted to talk to him after the game, unfortunately he was no longer in the stadium. So I got his number worried and written to him. That was very important to me, he is finally a colleague. I’ve been asked to apologize, wrote to him that I did not want to hurt him.

How did he answer?
He has thanked for the news and written to me that everything is alright. That was very pleased, that was important for my head. And he was mad at the square above all because he did not shoot his goal. I can understand that. I wish him many goals!

Did you look at the scene again?
Yes, once. If you see the pictures, the action in slow motion, then of course it looks bad. Friends wrote to me that the game stone, scissors, paper in Brazil has now been renamed in stone, Paulo, paper (laughs). But there was very serious words for me. My mom saw the game on TV, she was furious.

For my mom it was a shock, I always have to explain to her what I did when I see a yellow card.

Paulo Octavio

Was there trouble?
After the game I already had a message on the phone: Paulo Octavio, please call me. When Mom calls me Paulo Octavio, then I know that there is trouble. For them, it was a shock, I always have to explain to her what I did when I see a yellow card. She said, actually she would have to put my ears long and send my room for two hours, so I can think what I did.

They are actually a very fair defender. Since 2016, they play football in Europe, this was their first reference.
Yes, and only my second. I’ve already flown off the place in Brazil in my first profit year, I mean, I was 17. otherwise, there was nothing. I’ve always been like that: If there is anger in the square, I actually keep myself away. I do not like conflicts. Furthermore, I would be a pity if you just forget my whole career path now and reduce me a foul.

Where did this began?
In Brazil, on the Bookplate opposite the house of my grandma. Since we went children kick every day after school. I used to call me the other Robin ho. I know against Cofferdam looked more about Felipe Melt or Pepe (laughs). At that time I was always the smallest, but I was always a bit faster than the others.

Did you dream of being football prayer as a boy?
Yes, of course, we all did. I wanted to play in a big stadium, in front of many fans. That was my goal.

Five years ago, at 21, you are then changed from Bombers FC to Liner ASK in the second league after Austria. How does something like this come about?
I played in the 3. Lisa, could live from the small salary. But I knew I would not get many chances to come to the top. I had to convince’ve always looked to see whether not any scouts were there that one could discover. And then suddenly my adviser and told me: 2. League Austria, will you?

From 2016 to 2017 Paulo Octavio played for LAST. Imago images

They wanted.
Yes. I had no idea about football there, knew nothing of LAST, but I wanted to try it. There I was, after all, been to Europe, one step further. So I sat on the plane, and I ended up in Austria. I could not speak German, in English, it was just enough to How are you. Today I can say in German: It was the best decision of my life.

3 . League Brazil, 2. League Austria — what was the difference?
First, it was good that I arrived in the summer in the middle, the weather shock was not so great. And I was with Fabiano a compatriot in the team, who helped me with his wife awful lot. I will never forget them. And the difference: In Brazil, the football was technically much stronger. In Linz, I then tactically learned a lot under coach Oliver Glaser. Before, I only knew one direction than full-back, I had to constantly marching forward, no matter what happens behind me. Under Glaser I have learned that I always need a rearview mirror.

Under Glaser I have learned that I always need a rearview mirror.

Within a year you arrived in Germany and switched to Ingolstadt.
2 . League in Germany, which was another step for me. With the LAST we had ascended, then came the offer. Although my mom does not understand much about football, but they’ve asked when I know if I should do it, they are Yes has said. So I switched.

The next good decision.
Yes, although I have not played as much in the first year. In the second year I have almost always been on the court, unfortunately, we have descended in the relegation against When Wiesbaden. That was brutal.

Still, you got a good deal from VFL Wolfsburg. How surprising was the two years ago?
I had read in the newspaper that Oliver Glaser has changed from Linz to VFL. Since I have already written Fabiano: Look, it would be great if he would get me. In the evening after our descent he has actually written a message if I can think of a change.

Have you accepted immediately?
No, I first had a few days to consider. Some have advised me and told me there would be a very good defender playing back left.

Jerome Bouillon.
Yes, he is outstanding. Still, I’ve always been someone who has gone out of his comfort zone. So I said yes, I was in the Bundesliga. That was my dream, I just had to try.

They came as a back-up of Bouillon. Did you feel in being able to prevail?
Back-up, this word I have read so many times. I do not like it. But clearly, the role distribution was initially clear. Nevertheless, I have always believed in me.

By now you are part of the second-best defense in the league and are among the top-backs.
I worked hard. I see it as a reward for what I gave everything in the last few years.

Liverpool 4-0 Newcastle | Rafa Benitez's Post Match Press Conference

Living his dream: Paulo Octavio. Imago images

Where would you be today if you had not dared 2016 the step to Austria?
Hard to say. I think I would still fight for my dream. In Brazil, it is not so easy to get to the very top. Since there are so many good players, the leap from the 3rd to the 1st League not create many.

And if it had not passed the football career?
Then I might have become a doctor. Or physiotherapist. My mom still works as a nurse, medicine has always interested me.

In the Bundesliga, you have now been suspended for four games. A just punishment?
Some say it could be more, others think four is too many. I think it’s fine. But it’s hard for me to just watch four times. My wife has already said to my son: Now they have me one month endure here (laughs). Add to that the international break, that’s really a long time.

How would you like to fly to Brazil during a country break and play for the Select? I do not want to make too many hopes, but of course I have already had the thoughts. If I succeeded with the VFL, maybe next year may even play in the Champions League, maybe I’ll get the chance. It would be a dream, but nobody called me so far. After the barrier, I will try to play directly back to my achievements, maybe I then land on the radar. Only accepted: You qualify with the VFL for the Champions League, because at the end that gives you a hit better gate ratio. Would you have done everything right against Cofferdam? A crazy thought (laughs). If that happens, we can talk about it again. (This interview appeared on March 12, 2021. Currently, Paulo Octavio is injured and Wolfsburg is missing several months.)

The Lacuna game cleaks on consoles

The pixel art [pick.SL.a (t)], additionally referred to as the pixel or art of pixels [a.Dy/ DE.pick.SL] in Quebec, refers to a digital make-up that uses a low screen definition and also A restricted variety of colors (also if this double restriction is strenuous than traditionally speaking). As a matter of fact, the raw material of the Pixel Art is the plastic depiction of the pixel (anglophone tightening of Picture Aspect: image element). That is to say an essentially square and colorful surface area, as a fundamental part of any pixel creation art. These constraints of minimalist means impose utilization, at the heart of visual search where each pixel is essential. Therefore, developing a job where the pixels would just discernible among the others is not a problem sufficient to make the pixel art.
If specific techniques are clearly evocative the artistic forms of the past (such as mosaics or particular kinds of textiles: embroidery, knitting, jacquard business…), the vigor of the Pixel Art appears to attract a polymorphism resolved to our modern-day media. Worrying particularly the spatial compression of depictions, the matrix nature of human vision shows up as a favored factor. (The assessment, the trial and error or initiative of simplification by this chopped utilization are promoted from a physical standpoint, where the human mind continues however to provide meaning to a considerably decreased picture in variety of straightened pixels.).
On top of that, all extremely pixelated as well as/ or vibrant developments of the category inspire the exact same qualitative degree (due to the fact that any pixel art does not rise to art). Nevertheless, like ASCII art (which is a close visually), the training as well as the Anglo-Saxon of the word would advise to avoid this criterion of admiration, or also this being rejected in the language (for him Like common or outright work for language functions before being a market). Pixel-artists (supposed Ixelles ) of current megapixel art (pop, nerd, kitsch…) now appear to benefit from this poetic license, after clear of the restraints of the initial media, that It will be remembered like those of a classic art pixel, even more outdated 1980s.

Out of May 20, 2021, on PC, Lacuna did not sell to millions of copies and does not pay a mine with its realization in Pixel Art, but benefits from warm recommendations from Steam users. First title of the small interactive digital German studio, this survey game is now available on consoles.

Lacuna is more accurately accessible on PS4 and Xbox One at the price of 20 euros and will enter SWITCH on December 28, unfortunately without gaining French translation, the Asian languages ​​having been privileged. Taking a seat in a black science fiction, the game slides us into Neil Conrad’s costume, agent of the central department of investigation to the troubled past. The story begins at the same time as the announcement of a murder case that will upset the life of Neil and even that of the whole solar system. As the trailer shows between two nominations and good grades, the moral choices will be legion during an adventure make interrogation and clue collection. What she does not say is that the story borrows different paths according to the actions of the player and that he must bear the consequences of being able to return to his steps.

Lacuna | Consoles Announcement Trailer (EN)


Lacuna — Launch Trailer (PlayStation / Xbox / Switch)

DEL Home victories for Berlin and Mannheim

The top teams of the German ice hockey league have no streams on Thursday night and celebrated home victories. Table leader Polarbären Berlin sat down with a little effort 4: 3 (2: 1, 1: 2, 1: 0) against the Schlesinger Wild Wings through, the Adler Mannheim planned the Düsseldorf EG 4: 1 (1: 0, 1: 0, 2: 1).

Tracker Red Bull Munich, however, conceded a 3: 4 (3: 1, 0: 2, 0: 0, 0: 1) after extension against the fish town penguins Bremerhaven.

Behind the polar bears consequences in the table Mannheim and Munich on the squares two and three. Frank Hurdler (43) shot the polar bears in an intense duel to the 19th win of the season in the 30th game. Mannheim cheered about hits of four different scorers.

On the other hand, Munich played a 3: 1 leadership and had to accept the fourth bankruptcy from the past five games. Phillip Bruiser rewarded Bremerhaven with his hit in the extension for a courageous catch-up.

Articles and videos about the topic
Hockey junior player dies after fall

Diplomacy: How to Win as GERMANY /2X WORLD CHAMPION Doug Moore Interview
Steelers: Del star suddenly disappeared
All games of Del live in magenta sport — also in the conference

The Older Have collected at the 2: 3 (1: 0, 1: 2, 0: 0, 0: 1) after extension at the Grizzlies Wolfsburg the fourth defeat in series. Spencer Michael decided the game for the Lower Saxony, which stay four in the table. Cologne is sixth.

The update of Pok mon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl makes the game more pleasant

The fourth Pokémon brilliant diamond and Pokémon pearl glossy The update, update 1.1.3, is now available through Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch OLED. Along with the update, Nintendo has published official notes of the patch, but the patch notes 1.1.3 do not reveal anything about the update. Instead of detailing what the update does, the patch notes simply point out that the update has solved some problems for a more enjoyable game.

Update 1.1.2 PATCHED Menu Glitch for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl, BUT...
Playing through the update and investigating failures, players have discovered some failures and problems that have been solved, which can explain why Nintendo did not publish the patch notes. In addition to not providing patch notes, Nintendo has not provided information about the size of the file, that is, how long it will take to download.

As always, we will keep you informed if something important is discovered about the update. Nintendo is famous for publishing vague and incomplete patch notes, but usually only does it when there is nothing extremely important in the update in question.

Pokémon bright diamond and glossy pearl are available via Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch OLED. For more coverage on the torque of SWITCH exclusive and all things Pokémon, click here.

« Pokémon brilliant diamond and bright pearl are good remakes of an intrinsic defect Pokémon game«, read in a fragment of our official game reviews. » The games lean a little to recover the originals’ experience, which is a detriment and somehow denies the fantastic visual and quality of life improvements. Honestly, it feels that Pokemon bright diamond and bright pearl are a preventive olive branch for Pokémon fans ahead of Pokemon legends: aqueous, in the sense that it offers a decidedly retro experience as an alternative option to what will surely be the game of Pokémon that pushes the envelopes more since the franchise was launched 25 years ago. Pokémon Bright diamond and bright pearl are made for those who seek to celebrate the past of Pokémon experience. For the rest of us, it is a good distraction to stop until the release of the next Pokémon game in a couple of months «.

Skyrim player stands in front of puzzles community knows better community knows better

A mysterious letter makes a Skyrim player ponder. Who sends him this news, and how do you come to him? Fortunately, the community already has a few suspicious people in mind.

Skyrim: Post from the soul tomb

Although people in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim live in the deepest fantasy medieval, they have a extremely effective postsystem. However, the Reddit User Liungodkrraw now shares a message at which he has to ask himself who actually writes him letters.

An admirer tells him there that he has taken care of his dragon screams for a stir in the soul grave, and he wishes him much success on his adventures. According to exact look, however, from the nicely meant message stands out a detail: in the soul grave? In the gloomy ghost level full of lost souls no one should actually be able to return letters to the sky edge.

Reddit community has some theories

So who has written the letter and handed over to the tireless postman? The Reddit user The Denizen has the theory that the Dragon Blood has meanwhile sent letters to feel more important to themselves. ThatDudesBox20, on the other hand, believes rather to divine intervention. In his opinion, it is aka tosh personally, who sends the player the many small messages about events that nobody should know.

Skyrim ٠ What Happens if you use the Calm Spell on Champion of Boethiah
For many players, however, the main suspect is the postman himself. Is he a vampire or even a God? Where does he always know exactly where the dragon’s blood is currently staying? With these skills, it is probably not so difficult to believe that he also delivers the post in the Oblivion level for prisoners.

A Skyrim player wonders who could be the person who writes him out of the soul grave. The community has some theories. Was it the dragon’s blood yourself, a God or the postman?

Cyberghost VPN for 1 89 Euro Mo Today with this offer strike

This report was created on the occasion of Vorweihnachtsangebots CyberGhost. With this you get paid three months, saving a whopping 84% on the three-year subscription.

Deal: Cyber ​​Ghost VPN for 1.89 euros a month + 3 months free

CyberGhost VPN 2021 Review: Fast & Cheap, But is it Safe?

What brings a VPN?

With an activated virtual private network you are traveling with masked IP address on the Internet. This works as a kind of tunnel is visible through the car from the outside, but inside is still just drive fast and safe. Here your console, your PC or your mobile device establishes a secure connection to a private third-party server. This arises quasi between you and the content that you and round uploads. This has the following advantages:

Encrypted surfing with exchanged IP: Whether in foreign Wi-Fi or at home, do not even know your Internet provider what you’re looking so
Safe Gaming: Encrypted traffic, lower ping times, no blocking and finally safer from DDoS attacks
Advertising and malware are blocked on the net
Fair shopping: pages can call because of your location or user data, now high prices.
Foreign stream in 4K: Special Streaming Server CyberGhost optimized for 35 streaming services and even a Wi-Fi protection is integrated

Cyberghost as a leader
With 45 days money-back guarantee, 7,300 servers and a longer history added together than most VPNs makes CyberGhost its services to over 38 million customers. This feature package you get so only Cyberghost. On Trustpilot the manufacturer is rated the best in the industry.

These features make this VPN unique:

More than 7300 VPN server world
simultaneously use to 7 devices

OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard® protocol
256-BIT AES encryption
Strict No logs Directive
Apps for consoles, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, TVs & Routers
Unlimited bandwidth and data volumes
Protection against DNS and IP Leaks
24/7 Live Customer Support
Automatic Kill Switch
The Highest possible VPN speeds
45-day money-back guarantee

Today CyberGhost VPN for 1.89 euros / Mo: The do differently than the competition! Source: Cyberghost
Moreover, power users secure P2P file sharing can be used with Cyber ​​Ghost. As the modern encryption WireGuard® comes, among other things used.

Cyber ​​Ghost of Christmas for only 1.89 euros a month

Once again we would like the deal of the VPN provider’s point that only a short time running. Interested parties save up to 84% when choosing the 3-year subscription. Thus, customers pay less than 2 euros a month.

Deal: Cyber ​​Ghost VPN for 1.89 euros a month + 3 months free


17.12.2021 at 13:00

BVB Patzt in Berlin Gladbach shocked Arminia defies Klos

The Bertha Berlin (Hertha-Berliner Sport-Club on 1892 E.V. in German), recognized as Bertha BSC, is a sports club based in Berlin, Germany, presently contends in the Bundesliga. It was started on July 25, 1892, as a football club, and also in 1900 it became one of the owners of the German Federation, also challenges next to F. C. Union Berlin The Berlin Standard. Although he has never ever won the nationwide organization, throughout his story he has obtained titles as two ancient champions from Germany, in 1930 and 1931; and 2 league glasses. Because 1963 via lease he disputed his parties as a regional at the Berlin Olympic Stadium. The entity has 36 050 companions. Because 2002, it is separated right into two companies: the specialist soccer team, as well as a society that deals with all the reduced and also amateur classifications.

Richter brakes BVB

In an above all after the pause Saturday evening game Bertha BSC has braked the favorites from Dortmund unsafely. The supposed 1-0 of the old lady by Matilda was subsequently cashed by VAR (15.), marriage Brandt shot the guests in leadership (31.). After the side change, a break into the Dortmund played the Melodic to compensate (51.) and judge with a dream goal to 2: 1 (57.). The BVB was trying an answer, but the already cheered 2: 2 of Hazard did not count (61.). Instead, burned the next heavy mistake, the judge used for his double pack (69.). The connection hit by Joker Tinges was ultimately little (83.). This is how Dortmund goes with 34 points, but also nine counters behind top rider Bayern Munich in the winter break.

    • 1! Playback missed liberation

Borussia Mönchengladbach missed a liberation strike at the Saturday afternoon : The foals led after most four defeats in series up to the inheritance time — marriage Cofferdam’s Akpoguma the Hütter-Eleven destroyed the victory. Embryo had launched the Russia after 35 minutes. Overall, however, the Kraichgauer were more compelling, but had numerous opportunities lying light-ready. Through the 1: 1 Playback at best winters in place 14.

Frankfurt’s third victory in series

Eintracht Frankfurt, which had tightened the Gladbacher crisis during the week, knew the third Bundesliga game in a row. In the derby against Mainz, Angstroms matched before the break (35.) to bolt the points account to 27 meters. The latte prevented the 2-0 and Rustics possible dream gate (61.). The PSV slips in place.

Leipzig Part against weakened Armenia

A certainly surprising 2: 0 away win in Leipzig Keller kind arrived Keller kind Armenia Bielefeld. The Corona-weakened East Westphalia was first discontinued before the break because of a deregistration of Swimmer (44.), marriage Serra shocked the Saxons after restart (57.). Los replaced the scorer, but looked quickly for a hard foul on Orbán the red card (70th). Inn added Tokugawa set the 2-0 final point (75.) after the fault of Haida. RB even monitors only rank ten when Cologne beats Stuttgart on Sunday.

Antonio in bad luck: Union is enough Ruses Tor

Temporarily in rank six climbed Union Berlin through a 1: 0 work victory at VFL Bochum. LEADER RUSE launched the Irises after 16 minutes, which should have existed to the end. Bochum was endeavored after the 0: 1 to equalize the score, but the VFL also made the best chances. Antonio awarded the two largest (59, 80.). The area club winters on rank twelve.

Hertha Triumphs Over BVB  | Hertha Berlin - Borussia Dortmund 3-2 | All Goals |  Bundesliga 2021/22

Bur chert holds Fürth’s fifth point

There was a common zero number in the table cellar: Fürth’s final light brought the fifth point against FC Augsburg this season. Shortly after restart, SPVGG-Keeper saved Bur chert strongly against Hahn (48.). Much more offensive highlights did not have to offer the game.

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