Audi Roller can imagine the use of former player as support for the video referee. Meanwhile, I think that an ex-professional could be a help with experience in many situations, said the sports chief of Football Bundesligaister Bayer Leverkusen in the Sport picture.

Roger Assalé à la découverte de la LDC
As an example, Roller named the violently controversial foul feet in the second division game between Welder Bremen and Schalke 04 (1: 1), when the video referee in the detection time in a duel between Roger As sale and Henning Patrician had lodged without much recognizable reason.

An ex-professional does not even need a slow motion to realize that that was not an efferent, said Roller, That’s what you can see that the player falls far too late and perhaps minimal touch that there was, Never suffered for a penalty.

Also, manager Max Ebert von Borussia Mönchengladbach said: Every expert who can support video evidence is basically helpful. However, he was to remember that former players should not be used in their ex-clubs, so no tastes arises.

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John Trees, DFB project manager video referee, looks a different danger in the proposal. The more people involved in decision-making, Trees said, the greater the danger of different opinions and a higher time requirement.