Battlefield 2042 has held the EA brand more than used. Future games of the shooter series could look very different and become part of a huge battlefield universe.

More like titanium…

EA wants to expand the Battlefield brand. According to Vince Capella, co-founders of Respawn Entertainment and now head of the Battlefield franchise, one pursues the goal of creating a battlefield universe. Similar to it Activision with Call of Duty already exercises and different games of the series, such as War zone, Vanguard and Cod Mobile, can be co-existed.

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Which direction future battlefield games will hit, it can only be speculated. But with the titanium founder in the team and the popularity of titanium case 2 with the players it would not be surprising, if the next Battlefield would look a little of titanium.

… or like halo?

Another game should come from a completely new development team currently being built in Seattle. The line will take Marcus Lento, which has worked in Halo in the past. In addition, the Team Ripple Effect, which is responsible for portal mode in Battlefield 2042, is also working on a new gaming experience, which is to become part of the Battlefield Universe.