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The team of the week 11 has already reached the envelopes of FUT22, and with it a handful of improved letters starred at the best of FIFA 22: Van Disk, Long, Riemann and up Anthony Lopes, the goalkeeper of the Olympic de Lyon premieres letter in form for the occasion. The thing gets very serious.

While Van Disk (90) can boast of having the highest average assessment of the new combination of the Ultimate Team, the truth is that the average of the whole team and its attributes are exceptional. And Mojito with De Long (88): Barcelona Dutch has very good figures for their position of midfielder: 89 of Relate and 87 of pass.

As every Wednesday, at LIFEOXTRA We have gathered all the cards of the initial eleven of the tow and, already position, we have broken down their corresponding attributes to detail. So you will know who to bid at a fixed shot and how to get a good extra in the market of transfers.

Keep in mind that these letters will appear on envelopes for limited time: you have up to on December 8 to trust in luck. So yes, the good news is that that same day will arrive at tow 12.

Labored (DC) with rating of 85

Bernard (ED) with rating of 84

Riemann (DC) with rating of 86

Maddison (MCO) with rating of 84

Tundra (MC) with rating of 86

of Long (MC) with rating of 88

Aka (MD) with rating of 85

Hector (Li) with assessment of 82

Rafael Too (DFC) with rating of 83

Nick reacts to TOTW 11 Prediction
Van Disk (DFC) with rating of 90

Lopes (POR) with rating of 84

All the letters of the team of the week 11 including substitutes and reservations

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