GAMES knew that the number of pre-registrants of the new Land LOL RPG Australian Shareholding-Australia from the employee has brought out 300,000 people at this time.

GAMES is preparing for December 8, 2011, scheduled to start officially service, a new Large Laughter RPG Australian Shareholding-. In addition, here we have brought out a total of 300,000 pre-registrants at this time.

Gate’s introduction

Gate is the main power to raise the fever and build a commercial empire. You can also cancel more than one gateway with a giving date. Below, we introduce the gate from Japan.

Name: Stressing
Introduction: Annual Machine. I’m reborn and try to do her life.

Name: AME Mini
Introduction: A peaceful and mysterious. He is always wearing a white hunting. When he approaches him, he always feels some way of sight.

Name: Odd City
Introduction: Beautiful woman, always resolute and looking for Asia three sisters.

Name: Ashikaga Common

Introduction: A good and bad guy was born and a famous thief, but now enjoying a fairly peaceful life now.

Name: Odd Nonage
Introduction: When I was young, there were a lot of strange behavior, and I was crazy about the Gun. He became an adult, he defeated a number of strong enemies and flared his name, and suddenly disappeared.

Name: Ieyasu Tokugawa
Introduction: A very autonomous person who built a governance centered on the Shogunate and has become politics and military familiar with military and military.

Introduction of how to play the gate

If you want to be a rich merchant, it is very important to have a capable gate. Gate is an important role in acquiring negotiations while managing or supporting assets. Then I would like to introduce how to get a gateway and how to play the gate.

How to get a gateway

In the early stages of the game, you can play with two early gaming: Odd City and Tokugawa Ieyasu. Other gates can be acquired in the ligament and the Masque.

A lot of ability to be friends with a lot of ability. You can enhance your preference with the gate by encountering the gun at a specific place during the playback. And when the ability reaches the maximum value, you can earn the gun. You can also get unique rare beasts at the time of the gain. Please do not forget the hapless!
During the period of the Snake series, the Senate series will be exhibited at the limited gate display site. Please be aware that the recruitment statement required to recruit each rare guest is different. Recruiting the Gate 1 of the Shrinkage series will cancel the corresponding light-by-noise and earn more powerful profits.

How to see the ability of the gateway

Quality is displayed under the image, and the higher the qualities, the higher the ability. If all the guns have a unique rare animal and acquire a rare animal, after training, the ability of the gateway is also high.


When the gate is dispatched to the industry, the speed of earning money will be faster. The higher the quality of the gate, the faster the speed. Volume’s ability is different, each of which has various abilities, including the management of the inn and the management of the inn. If you dispatch to the industry that matches the capabilities of the gate, the reward will be higher. Let’s arrange the dispatch of the gate.


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The higher the principal of the gate, the less the monetary. At the time of negotiation, the higher the qualities of the gate, the easier it is clear.

Australian Chamiden-Conclusion from Users

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