Re-Logic is a developer and independent American video game author based in Indiana. It was established by Andrew Spines in 2011. The firm is best known for establishing and releasing Terr aria, a video game of Action-Adventure Sand-Action in 2 D. Re-Logic released Pixel Piracy and also Pixel Privateers, both developed by Squadron Delta.

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People VP reds is a YouTube channel that leads infiltration operations against pedophiles, documenting their confrontations and transmitting information to the police. This is the usual rate — they create false minor accounts on various apps / dating sites, and see which bites at the hook. Normally, it’s a random person, but their most recent target was anything but. A senior PlayStation frame founded in hot water.

According to the allegations, George Cacioppo (VP Senior Engineer at PlayStation) went through this process. He invited someone he thought he was a 15-year-old boy for explicit purposes. CaCioppo did not say much in the video, retiring to his house as soon as he had wind of something. But a face was clearly visible, and this shirt says a lot.

CACIOPPO has not yet commented on the situation. Sony’s answer was minimal, although we know that man no longer works on PlayStation. They said, We are aware of the situation and the employee in question was dismissed.

As always with problems like this, it is important to emphasize that it is for the moment only allegations. The man in the video could be different from the cacioppo that we know. The meeting took place outside a house, there are many other reasons why someone can be out at night. The main proof seems to reside in textual conversations, and although they have been linked in the description of the video, they could have been rigged. Would they be overwhelming? Absolutely, but could be enough for the legal system.

A representative of People VP reds explained to Kodak why they preferred to publish this video publicly. The police service does not work with supergroups like us. It was then that the Internet takes over. They added, of the evidence was given to the authorities.