Eternal is filled with many demons
For you to tear and tear. Most of them are not too difficult to manage
by themselves; They tend to be punished. It’s when they
Consolidate bags that things tend to become a bit hairy for the DOOM Slayer.

The rules do not necessarily apply to marauders. These mini-boss shakes
are a threat both offensive and defensive with several styles of attack
Depending on the distance that separates you from them. To them alone, they can be
difficult, and with a group of other demons attacking on their side may seem
Outright overwhelming if you do not treat lateral forage quickly. Here is
Some combat methods to keep in mind when fighting the Marauders doom Eternal.

Tips for killing Marauders

the first thing you want to keep in mind when fighting marauders is your weapon
You attack it with it. Marauders can block all your attacks if you do not timer
Your shots on the right, and you only have a small window of opportunity. For that
Reason, you will want to use the super hunting rifle. If you do not have
hunting rifle ammunition, your next best bet is the ballast if you can hit your shots, but
There are usually smaller demons that spawn around the area to cut ammunition
During these fights.

The only chance to inflict significant damage to the marauder is when his eyes flash
green. This only happens when it is halfway from you. It will charge you
with his ax. Explode it with the super hunting rifle when his eyes flash, and
It will back up, allowing another shot. If you try to shoot him
Another time when his eyes become green, he will block your attack with his
Impenetrable shield.

You must be aware of the remoteness of the marauder when you fight it.
If it is too close, it will pull you with its shotgun, which inflicts a lot of damage
Too far, it will take you from the projectiles with its ax. he can
Call also a translucent orange wolf that will continue you continually
until you killed him. Just kill the wolf, but the marauder
can call it several times to focus on your positioning with him

Doom Eternal | How to Easily beat Marauder in 30 seconds
The super hunting rifle is the safest way to slaughter the marauder, you can
Reduce health with splash damage as grenades and rocket
launchers. It is only recommended to use rocket launchers with the remote control
Explode the MOD to Master. This allows you to shoot the side of him and
Explode the rocket, which has a larger area of ​​effect when it is controlled. Just be
Conscious that you are far enough when you explode. For those who think
They will use the BFG to make it fall, unfortunately, it does not kill it,
And if the shot reaches his shield, he will finish his way. It’s great for
Clean the room from other demons, so be sure to launch it in a
Different direction to give you more space to focus on it.

You start losing health, do not be afraid to run! It’s fast and can
follow with you, but there are almost always smaller demons that you can use for
Glory kills and cries of fire as a means of health and armor. Do not panic and do not
Too much ahead of yourself, and you will end up shooting him. Be just ready
to do it several times in the countryside.