This December is celebrated the 20th anniversary Waco, the classic for PlayStation 2 that marked a before and after the development of video games. In fact, homage has been rendered in different ways in some media, such as the precious cover of Fujitsu, and its leaders have wanted to continue revealing details about the initial conception of the title.

One of the things that has caught the most is the publication of a video of the first prototype of ICO that you can see about these lines. From Rendering they wanted to share this historic piece to take a look at the first steps and models that were carried out in which it is already one of the most influential games in history.

The prototype runs on PlayStation, although it was finally launched on PS2 in this way, we can check how it looked back by 1998 in the first PlayStation, although it was finally released on December 6, 2002, in PS2. The jewel of Quito USDA has a minimalist approach, narrating the journey of a fucking boy who finds a girl named Yoda. Together, they try to escape the shadows they pursue them.

Making of - Ico (Playstation 2 Game)

ICO is one of the most important works in the history of the video game, and has left its mark on more than one and two geniuses of the world’s present. Hideaway Miyazaki, for example, he commented a few days ago that he was the game that changed him life, and that he would not have dedicated himself to development if he could not have proved the work of USDA. And you, what memories ICO guards?

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