Even at Westwood was known: The Spice must flow! And so they created ever with Dune 2 one of the most influential strategy games. Now the days of Westwood are indeed counted for a long time, but Dune is the latest since Denis Villanueva’s striking film on everyone’s lips. This has also been recognized publisher Fun com, who already in 2019 the trademark rights secured to develop from the book templates several games. One of them is a survival MMO, which was recently unveiled and is based on Frank Herbert’s legendary novels.

And then there’s the brand new Dune (!) Spice Wars, which was unveiled at the Game Awards in 2021 and finally a meaty strategy game to be. As a developer Shirt Games was commissioned, which have already proved with Northward that they communicate perfectly to the strategy genre. To Spice Wars, the 2022 as early access version for the PC appear: For two years, the team is already working on Dune. A first atmosphere-taste of the announcement trailer narrated by the Game Awards.

Full Strategy Pack: 4X meets real-time

The game is not based on Villanueva’s film adaptation or the David Lynch implementation from 1984, instead go to the developer their own way. Dune: Spice Wars to a real-time strategy with strong 4X influence are in their attempts to be one of the great houses to occupy Arrays to outdo the spice to harvest and your opponents. Of course, you will be able, even iconic figures such as Duke Let Abrades or Baron Vladimir Harmonies are both House Abrades and House Harmonies play with on board — the game is therefore located in an era before Paul declared rulers of Arrays.
You see on the strategic map, which areas are occupied by their faction. Source: Fun com, Shirt Games will follow another playable factions during the early access phase, the Dune universe is more than enough ago: House Corrine, the Been Dessert, the Been Leila, the Bremen or Inaner are obvious candidates, The developers want to implement another story campaign at a later date. These are not expected to be based on a bookstore, instead, the players write their own stories.
Even iconic figures are on board. Here is Duke Let Abrades with the Baron Harmonies. Source: Fun com, Shirt Games

Despite the real-time mechanics, the first screenshots show already that the game can also pause. You have to explore the surface of Arrays with ornithopters to resources and important places to discover, conquer new territories with troops and, of course diligently degrade Spice, to consolidate your claim to power. Unlike in Dune 2 or his two successors is naked military force but not the only way to win: win you have to trade successfully, political influence in Landscape, spies send sabotage opponents and make political decisions. And of course, make sand worms and storms are constant dangers.
Espionage and political intrigue were omnipresent already in Frank Herbert’s books. Source: Fun com, Shirt Games Exactly how it all plays can be based on the first screenshots Although only guess, but it seems as if the game designed primarily to global strategy. Whether it’s smaller real-time skirmishes such as in Home world: will Deserts of Shark, it is too early to say. But certainly not expect classical forensic base building and tank-rush strategy as in Dune 2000 or Emperor!

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It is still not known exactly how the fighting in Dune: Spice Wars will expire. [Source: Fun com, Shirt Games]

Dune Spice Wars - Official Announcement Trailer | Game Awards 2021
Dune: Spice Wars will start next year in the Early Access and will be released exclusively for PC. The game is explicitly not related to the announced Fun com MMO or films For more information and impressions, visit the official website to Dune. Spice Wars. On Steam, you can put the game already on your wish list.

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Felix Schultz
10/12/2021 at 12:48 PM