This is a list of remarkable games making use of a version of the Unity engine. The primary post on the Unity engine provides better details on the engine itself as well as its variations.
All games provided here have actually a short article connected to them.

Valorant has several cosmetics, in addition to the Skins for weapons. We found player cards, titles, sprays and, of course, pendants. We speak of small figures that usually decorate the sides of arms, sometimes with more curious designs. They can be achieved through the battle pass, Drops or Prime Gaming rewards, packets or Riot Games. As is the case of the Christmas pendant.

Since the launch of patch 3.12, the company advanced on a gift to celebrate Christmas. It would not be something giant or very crazy, but it does keep the spirit of the festivities that remind us about the end of a period of 365 days. It is a small box wrapped in gift paper, following with the Color Game of Valorant. That is, we have the logo in red, the black background and the bow on a bright golden. As it is already custom with this type of objects, it can be placed on any gun weapon, without any restriction.

Now, How can the free pendant be obtained? Riot Games does not look for Valorant players to complete a thousand challenges or are hours in the new game mode. Only asks to initiate session within the next few days to see the pendant in your inventory. Then, when logging into the game, the first image we will see will be that of the pendant as a confirmation. Once we pique in accept, we can go to our collection to equip it in our favorite weapon and try it with certain skins.

When dealing with a global gift, may need a few hours before it is reflected in our account. There is no level requirement, you just have to have Valorant installed and own a Riot account.

Valorant will also have a Christmas package of Skins for some weapons. We talked about the Snowfall set that has snow effects within the selected weapons, with a knife reminiscent of a cane with a snowball on the tip.